How do you react to the jealousy of older siblings?

How do you react to the jealousy of older siblings?

The jealousy of the child when the family multiplies with a new member is somewhat natural. This in time determines the appearance of fraternal rivalry. Before the new baby was born, he had all your attention and care. Now, the normal course of his life is fragmented by the attention and love you give the new brother or sister. How do you deal with the older brother's jealousy?

Protects the baby

Your first goal should be to protect your baby. Older children tend to react aggressively to their siblings when they feel jealous of them and may hurt them.

Communicates permanently with the older brother

The second objective is to help the child understand that he is as loved and appreciated as his brother. Communication is essential at this point. Talk to him, explain to him and show him that he is just as appreciated, but that babies need more attention and that you take care of him when he is young.

Help him create a relationship with the baby

The next step is to help the child to interact and strengthen an appropriate relationship with the new sibling. This can be strengthened by playing and playing. Teach the child how to play with the baby in a correct and safe way. The child needs encouragement, guidance and demonstration in this regard.

Distract her when she starts to become aggressive around the baby

Keep an eye on the baby when he is around the baby! Do not get out of sight and if you notice that it begins to become aggressive, take the baby in his arms. Then, distract the older brother with a toy or activity he likes.

Involve him in baby care

Teach the child how to care for the brother. Encourage him to handle it, give him an easy massage, help him wash it. This way you learn the delicate touches and discourage the aggressiveness. In addition, if you feel involved in caring for your baby you will not feel neglected or isolated.

Be an example to him

Teach him to love and care for the brother by the power of example. Just as you take care of him and behave with him and his sister or brother, so will he. They will take over your behavior.

Compliment it when it is beautiful with the baby

Praise him every time he behaves nicely or makes a nice gesture for the child. Embrace him, kiss him and tell him how proud you are of what he has done.

Be careful what words you use

It is crucial to never blame the baby for something you cannot do for the older child. For example, never tell her that you cannot go to the park because she is sleeping, that you cannot pay attention at that time because you are busy with the little one or that you cannot buy her the toy because you need money for the baby's diapers. . You will only cause him to hate the brother.

Give her the same attention and love

He does not neglect it in any form. On the contrary, at the beginning, when he is in full development of a relationship with the new brother, he is even advised to offer him a bonus dose of love and attention. It is necessary not to give him even a moment the feeling that he is neglected or that he is no longer loved. Tell him more often I love you, eat him more often, hug him and kiss him more times than you did before.

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