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With baby on the plane, 7 tips for easy travel

With baby on the plane, 7 tips for easy travel

Baby travel by plane cannot be done anyway and anytime. He must complete 2-3 months in order to safely travel with this means of transport. In addition, a number of measures and recommendations must be followed to feel comfortable.

The advice of the doctors is to wait, if you can, for the baby to be 2-3 months old so that he can fly by plane. At this age, their immune system is sufficiently developed to cope with germs and other health hazards present in the aircraft. In exceptional cases the baby can travel by plane and at 2 weeks, but never earlier.

7 tips for baby comfort while flying

1. Reserve places early. It is important to do this, because babies are not allowed to sit in the places near the emergency exits. Also, ask when you book tickets if you have the option of pre-boarding (priority boarding, before the others).

2. Children under 2 years old can sit in your arms during the flight, but many parents prefer to reserve a separate seat and bring a car seat to mount, for added safety. Make sure before the seat is approved by the airline. Usually, companies offer a 50% discount for baby seats.

3. Take the baby stroller with you and use it until the last moment. It gives you mobility and helps you with the easier movement of your baby. In addition, it can carry certain luggage and the baby can sleep comfortably in it.

4. Consider the idea of ​​flying at night. It is easier for the baby, because it will most likely sleep for most of the flight.

5. Also, take the baby's favorite crib with which he sleeps and as many family things as possible, to feel as comfortable as "at home" and not feel very strongly the changes he is going through.

6. To avoid ear pain caused by changes in air pressure in the plane from takeoff and landing, breastfeed at those times or give a pacifier or nipple. Babies who are prone to this discomfort are those who suffer from nasal congestion caused by colds or allergies. In this case, it is advisable to ask your doctor beforehand if it is advisable to give your baby antihistamines or decongestants before taking off.

7. Take with you a special handbag with baby things that will accompany you on the plane:

  • you will need extra diapers (the specialists recommend that you take 3 extra diapers than you would normally take);

  • take with you plastic bags for storing dirty diapers and clothes;

  • the bag must contain toys and groomers for the child; but do not give them all at once when you become agitated and cry, because you will quickly get bored of them and you will stay up to ideas if the flight is long; give them one at a time to continually arouse their interest in each new toy;

  • take more baby clothes exchanges;

  • if your baby drinks from the bottle and is not breast-fed, take with you a bottle of ready-made milk and another one in which you put only the necessary amount of powdered milk, over which to add at the right time the bottled water from bottled bottles;

  • take with you some snacks for the baby if diversification has begun; if he is under 6 months old and you breastfeed him, you do not need them (for security reasons, companies do not allow boarding with very large jars or bottles, but moms with babies are allowed to ship with glass jars or jars with food);

  • do not forget about the wet disinfectant napkins; you will not have too much freedom of movement and you will not be able to wash the baby as many times as you want, so it is important to have such practical napkins with you, which efficiently and delicately cleans the baby's skin.

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