The first fashion house for babies

The first fashion house for babies

Babies have their first fashion house - Petite Coco

Petite Coco is the first luxury fashion house in Romania exclusively for babies and children up to 5 years old.

Under the slogan "My first outfit", Petite Coco aims to bring an original approach in children's fashion, developing collections of clothes characterized by precious materials, unique cuts and daring accessories.

The star of the launch day was a dress with train and Swarovski crystals worth 1000 euros, worn by Isabel, only 1 year and 7 months old.

Swarovski stones, dress with train or with toys on the carrier, velvet suits and lace-up swabs, Sherlock Holmes or Little Elvis are some of the proposals that Petite Coco makes for a baby's first occasion. Specially dedicated to the baptismal kit, the fashion house comes with an ingenious collection of clothes through which parents or noses can add an extra originality and glamor to the first important event in the life of the little ones.

"The idea of ​​a creative workshop dedicated to babies and very young children came from parents. More and more they wanted special outfits, unique clothes, fun or sophisticated approaches for various important moments in the life of their little ones: baptism, Christmas party, birthdays. So we thought of everything and everything new for children and so the first Petite Coco collections were born, "says Manuela Dramba, responsible for marketing and sales of Petite Coco.

The basic concept of Petite Coco creations is the combination of a story or a character with the use of very fine materials, used, usually, for adults' second-hand outfits: natural silk, lace, velvet, precious stones and expensive accessories. The introduction to today's fashion presentation was made by the story "Alice in Wonderland", the emphasis being, of course, on clothes.

In the creative workshops we work, mostly, with natural fabrics, soft and pleasant to the touch. Both the linings and the outer materials are carefully selected so as not to irritate the sensitive skin of the children. The accessories are also applied in areas that do not disturb the child and from which they cannot be snatched and swallowed by the little ones.

Glamor and famous miniature characters

Most Petite Coco outfits are in pastel colors of ivory, cream, pink, pale green and turquoise, but strong colors or combinations are also used, such as red, red with gray, deep green, gray or bluish. Outfits are often inspired from ancient times, with lace cuffs on boys' shirts, with interesting hats and hats or princess dresses for girls.

"We do not want to use interesting accessories - feathers, brushes, Swarovski crystals, sequins and embroidery applications, trimmings, buttons or metallic eyes. Each season will bring new collections, with complete outfits, and parents are free to follow their own imagination. that we can turn into reality, "says Ioana Jalba, creative director Petite Coco.

In the originality chapter, Petite Coco comes with the first themed outfits for baptism. In the collection of the fashion house you will find: the first baby musketeer costume, the smallest detective costume - the famous Sherlock Holmes, Elvis's miniature stage costume, Napoleon's outfit, Minnie Mouse, Cleopatra and other famous characters.

The stars of the presentation collection were the first costume and the first dress with toys for the wearer (detachable toys) and a dress with train and Swarovski crystals worth 1000 euros, worn by Izabela, only 1 year and 7 months old.

Show-room in Bucharest and online store

The Petite Coco costume design workshop has a showroom open in Bucharest, on Constantin Daniel street no. 4, in which visitors can discover and purchase already created outfits or in which they can request unique or customized costumes. The fashion house also collaborates with a number of shops in the capital, some of the outfits created being exhibited at Bucharest Mall, Cocor Shopping Center and Unirea Shopping Center.

Petite Coco has recently launched its official website, petitecoco.ro, which will be translated into several languages ​​and will also have an online store for baptismal clothes.

Clothing prices start from 500 lei for a little girl dress and 700-800 lei for a boy's suit.

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