8 ways to help your child speak faster

8 ways to help your child speak faster

Speech is a process that develops progressively in children. But since they are babies, the little ones begin to give the first signs of language through ganging, whining and stuttering, because then they will quickly surprise you with the first "maaa-maa" that bends you to tears. From 1 year upwards it is time to help the child speak faster.

Encourage him to always look at you when you talk to him

Since you are little, it is good to talk to the baby with your face so that you have the opportunity to see your face expression and lip movement. He keeps this habit and when he grows up and speaks to them always paying the necessary attention and not doing anything else at the same time. Specialists claim that little ones speak faster and easier if they notice the movement of their lips and the way the words are spoken.

Use short, simple and concise words

The small child cannot understand and retain difficult words. Therefore, it is best to address them in simpler and clearer terms. For example, give him simple directions like "come", "wait", "take the toy", "you want water". The simpler they are, the sooner your little one will imitate them!

Repeat the usual words

Use a certain number of words that you want to learn as often as possible. Do not change their form or use their synonyms. Introduce them in common situations! For example "take the toy", "you want the dad", "let's go to mommy", "mom", "dad" etc. Create simple sentences and repeat them! The little one will get to pronounce them one day.

Talk to him as much as possible

Not only when you want something or you work with it! Do it constantly, even when cooking, treading or washing! Communication creates communication! And the small talk between you, even if you talk more, encourages you to respond and express yourself better over time.

Read them as much as possible and encourage him to love books and literature

One of the benefits of literature or reading in young children is the faster development of language. Read to your child at least 30 minutes each day, even more if you can. At first it is advisable to read the same story every day.

In this way you apply the repetition rule in speech development. He always hears the same words, explanations and manages to speak and add them to his vocabulary in time.

When looking at pictures, show them and say at the same time what they see and encourage him to show you where certain characters are located in the picture.

Name all the surrounding objects that you come into contact with

Talk to him and call him all the things he comes in contact with and then point him in front. Even when eating or changing it, tell him and show him when he is trying to catch the diaper, and eventually pop it, that "this is a diaper and it is not food like this banana or Biscuit ".

Also, while you give them toys, call them and tell them which cars are, which animals are etc. Associating the image with the right terms helps it speak faster and more correctly.

It limits the time to the TV of the child

Avoid using the TV as a booster or the baby's calming method. You may be fascinated by the fact that your baby imitates dance dances so well or is passionate about commercials. But you might find that in a little while you will not be able to take it in front of the TV, becoming dependent on it. It is harmful to get used to the small TV. Replace it with stories, interactive games and the company of other children! Only then will you encourage your little one's speech!

Sing and play music as often as possible

It is even better to freeze at the same time as playing a song on the CD to further accentuate the words. Also, try to sing in front of him so he can follow your lips and the way you do it. The little one will want so much to accompany you, that they could compete with your voice sooner than you think.

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