Baby Expo, summer edition 2011

Baby Expo, summer edition 2011

Summer edition 31, May 19-22

Baby Expo continues the tradition of presenting for the first time on the Romanian market products and services dedicated to babies, children between 0-5 years and future mothers. Baby Expo, Summer Edition 31 opens its doors on May 19, 20, 21 and 22 at the Bucharest Multipurpose Hall.

Baby Expo promotes natural, organic and organic products!

The arrival of a baby changes parents' eating habits. They want to offer the little product of superior quality, for a fair and healthy growth.

At the Baby Expo, of the 140 companies present, more than 12 presents organic products, starting with diapers, cosmetics, plant detergents, environmentally friendly furniture, organic cotton clothes, baby food, organic toys, etc. These companies are indicated on the website babyexpo.ro, on the plan of the salon and within the exhibition with the bio sign approved by the European Union.

Among the news presented by companies at this edition:

  • 21st century digital voucher - discover how far it has come in the field of baby monitoring;

  • Leagan Portable Cotton Tale - innovative technologies that will delight mom;

  • Chicco Step up - the bottle that feeds your baby differently and grows with it;

  • The easiest pedalless bike - a spectacular and unique gift;

  • Bummis Swimmi reusable swimwear;

  • The revolutionary Axis Bebe Confort - the only car armchair designed to rotate at 90 degrees, with 8 adjustment positions, to facilitate the positioning of the child;

  • 3-in-1 chameleon shells that evolve with the baby;

  • Wall Stickers - the newest and cheapest customization trend for the baby room;

  • Legs - Babylegs - protects the knees, eases the training in the pot, warms the feet, grows with the child;

  • Liteway Boyish sports trolley, Limited Edition - new design, custom color, embroidered safety harnesses, bumper dressed in a fine sponge;

  • Sunscreen items and travel accessories for summer vacations - tent with 100% UV protection, thermal insulation bags with car heater, polarized sunglasses for babies and children;

  • Dental pulp stem cells;

  • 4 in 1 bath - the baby will get used to the bath, and the mother will be happy;

  • Foam or wood stamps, with 100% washable ink;

  • Organic cosmetics for children and mothers;

  • Children's room furniture - discover summer trends.

The kitchen with Irinuca's family

Irinuca, the symbolic character of the Moving Association invites you to the Baby Expo, every day at the "Family Cuisine". Meeting with health, fun and good taste.

Parents are invited to attend events, contests, seminars and benefit from services made available by the partners of the exhibition:

  • Baby Gym, game and movement for the little ones - Dorna-Izvorul Alb invites parents and children to discover the pleasure of the game through movement. Under the guidance of the specialists from Kineto Bebe, children play, do gymnastics, learn to balance, roll, and parents receive advice on the harmonious growth of the little one. Baby Gym runs daily between 2 pm and 7 pm and Sunday until 4 pm;

  • Sport Dwarfs - the most attractive sporting event for children between 14 and 36 months. On a circuit adapted to the age of the child, with the help of the parents, the little one will have 4 tests: climbing, balance, descent and roll! Every day at 1pm, the Bear Nestle starts the contest and awards all the children.

  • Salsa Baby - dance to Salsa rhythms with your baby! Every day at 12:00, moms with babies in the baby carrier will compete in salsa rhythms. Lively tropical songs and many prizes offered by Baby-Nova.

  • Baby Competition Going by the Bus - Every day at 11:00, the babies show everyone how small they can be champions at the bus ride and receive prizes from the Nestle Bear;

  • Breastfeeding space Medela - in a friendly, clean and discreet environment, mothers have the opportunity to breastfeed the baby;

  • At the Blue Bear - the baby restaurant created in partnership with Nestle, where the little ones are invited to enjoy the delicious dishes prepared for them;

  • Clowns, fairies, magicians, face-painting and patterned balloons, clever activities;

  • Pipo - the publication for preschoolers no. 1 in Romania - waiting for you at Baby Expo with surprises, many gifts and special offers.

Romanian Red Cross at Baby Expo

Parents and prospective parents will have the opportunity to learn more about first aid. The Romanian Red Cross, Sector 6 Branch will carry out within the Baby Expo salon information activities for first aid. During the 3 days when they will be present at the Salon, the trainers and volunteers of the Red Cross will organize interactive demonstrations on the child dummy, addressing both parents, future parents, and children attending the event.

Future moms are in the spotlight at the Baby Expo!

Each future mother is welcomed by NUK at the Pregnancy Club with tips and gifts and participates in the Great Tomb of the pregnant women. At the Baby Expo discover the latest trends in fashion for pregnant women, ideas for celebrating birth, solutions for harvesting stem cells and receiving useful information to prepare the baby's arrival in the world.

Parents are invited to the Baby Expo from Thursday, May 19 until Sunday, May 22, daily between 10.00 and 19.00, and Sunday until 16.00, at the Multipurpose Room in Bucharest.

Admission to the exhibition costs 10 lei for parents and is free for children.

Based on the entry ticket, we participate in the Super Tombola organized by "Happy Baby" Stores!

Baby Expo, the biggest celebration of Pregnant Women and Babies in Romania!