Paper toys your child can make

Paper toys your child can make

Paper toys are some of the most versatile ways to keep your child's hands busy, to put their imagination to contribution and to have fun with him. Teach your child to make paper airplanes, butterflies, crepes from crepe paper or even a cute and funny box of napkins.

Tissue box

What do you need?

  • decorative paper;
  • scissors;
  • a carton of napkins;
  • double adhesive tape;
  • glue (fast drying);
  • industrial black eyes;
  • a little colored wool;
  • colored sawdust;
  • crepe paper made of suites;
  • children's spiral (for parties);
  • 4 plastic glasses of 50 ml;
  • How come?

  • cut a piece of decorative paper the width of the cardboard box, long enough to clothe the whole box; in the upper part, where the opening of the box is, for the napkins an oval shape is cut;
  • bend two decorative knobs and glue on the edge of the box opening;
  • on one side the eyes are glued, a small cotton swab is made and it is glued to the nose and the spiral to the mouth, as in the picture;
  • from 2 strings are made the ears that stick to the side;
  • from the suites of cracked paper, the hair is glued;
  • fill the 4 glasses with small knobs, colored wool and stick in the 4 corners of the box, underneath, as a foot.
  • Flower made from crepe paper

    What do you need?

  • several pieces of crepe paper (in several colors);
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • colored cord or thicker colored thread;
  • 1 plastic straw.
  • How come?

    Cut 4 pieces of crepe paper (in different colors) in the form of rectangle with a length of about 10-15 cm each. The cut pieces are folded, in a row, in the form of a fan or accordion, forming very small folds. Then, gather all the pieces as in a bouquet and bind easily with a colored string to the edge of the bouquet. I do not tighten very tight, let the knot lighter. Then, the small accordions start to break apart and separate until you give a round shape to the flower.

    In the knot formed at the base of the flower, a colored plastic straw is infused and, if it is needed, a little cord is attached for fixing. Another option is to cut a single rectangular piece of colored crepe paper. The length should be 15 cm and the width about 10 cm. It folds in the form of a fan, and the cord is caught in the middle of the fan formed, making a melt. Then undo the 2 smaller vents thus formed and stick where they intersect to keep the round shape.

    Paper flyers

    What do you need?

  • a cardboard roll from the toilet paper (the one that remains after the roll is finished);
  • colored or white paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • pencil;
  • watercolors or carioci
  • How come?

    It is very simple. Draw on paper 2 Bs of identical sizes (it is important that the straight line at the base of the letter - before drawing the loops - be of the same length as that of the toilet paper roll. Cut the two Bs and it is colored (if the paper is white, if it is colored it is left so or it is completed with drawings to the child's liking). The paper roll is painted in one color, and with another color the legs of the butterfly are drawn through a few stripes.

    Another variant of paper butterfly - simpler - is the one in which 2-3 rectangles of suitable size of different colored glazed paper are superimposed. Then, in the middle of the rectangle, squeeze the paper with 1 piece of black wrap or wrapped in black string, so that the paper forms a sling. The "wings" of paper are loosely folded and siphoned. Attention, the grommet must be longer to form the butterfly antennas.

    Simple paper plane

  • take a sheet of A4 paper;
  • it folds in half and a smaller rectangle is formed; then it folds again in half, accentuating the line formed by folding;
  • it folds open (this way it returns to the first half) and turns backwards (so that if you put it on the table it will sit like a small tent);
  • it flattens slightly and is placed in front of you with the opening down; take each corner (left and right) and bend until the middle of the paper (where is the demarcation line from the second fold); press on these bends well to remain fixed and then release them; it is bent again in the half that has been dismantled and it is reversed; the wings formed will stand side by itself, and you will take the bending (of the body of the plane) and launch it into the air.
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