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8 secrets to keep your weight

8 secrets to keep your weight

There are times when you don't want to lose weight or get fat, but just keep your current weight. But after a weight loss diet, the hardest thing is to keep your weight on the waterline and not to go back to the one with chiu, alas you left behind! Here are some diet secrets that help you lose weight gradually, over the long term and stay fit! If you do not want to lose a lot of pounds, but not to lose weight it is necessary to take some measures when it comes to your diet!

Fat-free and calorically controlled diet

Portion control is the secret of keeping fit. Also, consuming foods rich in water, such as soups, broths, vegetables or fruits, can help you keep the proportion of calories that you have set by diet. If you stay away from high fat products and care about serving size, you don't have to worry!

Compliance with the established food plan

If you have finished a lean diet and have become accustomed to a healthy and balanced eating style, then do not hesitate to continue it and not deviate from it. Try to cope with the temptations of the holidays, at the restaurant or at various events you attend and keep the routine!

Daily physical movement

Even if you don't like the idea too much and you don't get along well with the sport, the movement is necessary. And if you want to keep fit then it is advisable to do daily sports, about 60 minutes. Do not think of it as an effort, but as a source of health and as a source of beauty.

Meals often and in small quantities

The secret of keeping fit is in tables often and in small proportions. So, take 5 meals a day or eat every 3-4 hours, so you never allow the hunger sensation to set in. But never exceed the number of calories you set for a meal.

Always have breakfast

It seems that breakfast is the secret of many diets and not only. And to avoid excessive food intake during the day and risk getting fat, it is essential not to skip the first meal of the day. Consume foods rich in vitamins and carbohydrates that give you energy.

Periodic weight monitoring

To be sure that you do not fall into the trap of foods that fatten you or that you have not lost weight under control, it is essential to weigh yourself daily or weekly. It does not allow you to weigh more than several hundred grams, maximum 1 kilogram, then take urgent measures and try not to fall into this trap.

Adopt long-term diets

If you want to lose a few pounds, but there is no risk that they will reappear after the cessation of a diet, then do not adhere to diets that promise to lose weight a large number of kilos in a few days. They are extremely dangerous to your health and do not guarantee your long-term weakness. Adopt balanced, long-term diets that will not give your body or metabolism over the head. In addition, balanced diets help you make them a lifestyle, even after they stop. And the weakness is guaranteed and with a little attention and control, you will not put the lost kilograms in place again.

Positive attitude

Adopt a positive attitude! Do not think how hard it is and that you will not succeed. The first step to succeed is to believe that you will be able to do this. Negative thoughts must disappear and be replaced with the image of your figure after you lose weight or over time. Just look at what your body will look like on the beach this summer, think about that long-dreamed dress, and nothing seemed so complicated. In addition, it is not only about your figure, but also about your health. A balanced diet and daily sports can only provide you with a strong body that keeps your illnesses at bay.

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