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How does your phone help you organize yourself better?

How does your phone help you organize yourself better?

The phone can help you organize your business better than any e-book, post-it, paper or other planning and organizing device. The phone has the advantage of some applications that other agendas, both electronic and electronic, do not have. Put your thoughts, tasks and other activities on the phone!

Turn the video camera of the phone into a reliable help

Use the video camera of your phone for much more than just shooting the funniest or most important moments in your little boy's life. This can save you from a lot of messy situations:

  • you can take a picture of the program from the kindergarten or other important data provided by the educator if you do not have a pen and paper at hand;
  • you can immortalize the color that you have been looking for so long for the new baby bed, but you cannot describe it in words;
  • if you see a nice decoration or a gift idea for someone, but you cannot decide, you can place the object itself and the location where it is, to return in case of need;
  • you can photograph a recipe for a cake or various information to get rid of stretch marks or cellulite when you read them in the magazine of the doctor's office, in the salon or in the pages of a colleague's agenda and you cannot break the sheet;
  • if you want to consult with your life partner or a friend about a gift or the purchase of an object and she cannot come with you, then you can post the most interesting ideas and send them through MMS;
  • when you go by car to the hypermarket or to a big store and have a huge parking, you can put the number and the floor where you park the car or you can record the road you go;
  • when you are with the children after you, it is difficult to remember such details and you risk wasting a lot of time looking for the car at departure;
  • you can record or picture certain symptoms or pathological manifestations of the child to show them to the doctor when you go with the baby;
  • maybe there is no need to go to the emergency room and the appointment is over 1 day or 2;
  • it is useful to put for example an irritation as you notice it because after a day it may undergo changes;
  • you can register the toys that the child wants and ardently wants, but which you cannot buy at that moment;
  • This way, do not forget how you capture the moment and the money you can make a surprise.

Use your phone's alarm and timer!

The alarms provided by the phone are not just for waking up in the morning. They can be useful in a lot of other cases:

  • you can set an alarm 30 minutes before you have to go to pick up your child from kindergarten, to make sure you don't forget or you're late;
  • you can set the alarm to ring daily if you are taking daily medication at a certain time or for the daily birth control pill;
  • you can use the timer to timer the child as long as he can put his clothes back in the drawer or for other funny toys;
  • You can also use the timer when doing a home sports training and have to perform certain exercises within a certain amount of time.

Use your phone as a phonebook!

The reminder function of your phone can be fully exploited to note all sorts of things: birthdays; meetings; shopping lists; date to go by car for review; doctor appointments, etc. The fertile time of the month is on your phone! The days when you are ovulating are no longer a mystery if you have a Smartphone.

It usually contains applications that calculate and monitor your menstrual cycle. It is important to have a regular menstrual cycle. You can set alarms for when you want to be announced that the ovulation period begins, when you want to know which is the most fertile day of the month, when menstruation is approaching. Thus, unpleasant events will not take you by surprise.

Find out where you are and where you need to go!

Modern phones are equipped with GPS so you can find out at any time where you are and where you need to go by car or other means of transport when you need to arrive immediately. No more wasting time and you can set it to offer you the shortest route to there. Find out any information on the Internet!

Put your internet on your mobile and use it every time you need information that can be found online. The phone can save you from a lot of problems and dilemmas, it can give you the answers right away and is your trusted friend. You no longer need the agenda and GPS or laptop after you, now you can do everything from your own phone.

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