How do you increase your chances of conceiving a little girl?

How do you increase your chances of conceiving a little girl?

Conceiving a little girl can be a dream come true if you follow some essential rules and criteria in conception. Choosing sex is no longer a technique as difficult to manipulate as before, even if no method is 100% accurate. If having a little girl is your biggest dream, then consider a few ways in which you can influence your fate to fulfill your long-cherished desire.

Sex before ovulation

Hunt for sperm to conceive little girl!

The sex of the child is determined by the sperm of your partner. Female sperm are larger and live longer than those specific to boys. They are also slower, so it is advisable to have sexual contact for conception a few days before ovulation to give female sperm a breakthrough in front of the male ones. The right time to have sex in order to conceive a girl is harder to determine than for the boy. So, there is a good chance that you will either do it too early or too late to leave the girl. Experts say that sex about 2 days before the day of maximum ovulation should increase the chances.

Frequency of sexual contact

To increase the chances of conceiving a little girl, the frequency of sexual contact matters a lot. The specialists argue that for this you must have sex every day from the end of menstruation until 2-3 days before ovulation. After this, he does not have unprotected sex until after a few days after ovulation. A diet rich in magnesium The preconception diet can help you to balance the choice of women. It seems that the diet high in magnesium can help you in this regard. Avoid foods that contain protein and potassium, because they favor male sex. It is also advisable to avoid sodium foods. Also, a high calorie diet favors boys, while a balanced diet with the right number of calories for your height and weight can increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

Enjoy the taste and aroma of foods such as spinach, broccoli, stevia and generally green vegetables. Bean beans and other types of beans are useful again, and whole grains can help you with the magnesium you need. Warning, if you didn't know there are some spices that contain magnesium in full. These include mint, parsley, basil, basil or sage. So do not hesitate to add them to food! Cocoa, chocolate or tea are sources of the mineral essential for your diet.

Sexual positions with superficial penetration

In order to conceive a girl, sexual positions with shallow penetration are recommended. The most appropriate is the missionary position. It will deposit the sperm close to the entrance to the vagina. This area is more acidic than the one near the cervix. The acidity will act on the male sperm and destroy them, leaving the female sperm to move to the fertilization site.

Orgasm and conception of girls

When trying to conceive a girl it is advisable to avoid orgasm during sexual intercourse, if you have any. It's disappointing, but you can make a sacrifice in those few recommended days for conceiving little girls. It seems that orgasm causes the production of substances in the body that makes the vaginal environment extremely alkaline, thus favoring the passage of male sperm. Also, the contractions that occur with the orgasm promote the rise of sperm in the cervix and the chance of the baby to be a boy is very high, because they are faster.

Avoiding abstinence in men

Abstinence or rare seuxal contacts favor an increase in the number of sperm (Y) for ejaculated sperm. Thus, the man must have more sexual contacts (even daily) to increase the prevalence of sperm X, specific to girls. A break of at least 7 days of sex before conception significantly increases the chances of having a baby.

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