Emotional preparation for the first baby

Emotional preparation for the first baby

Just the thought of having your first baby is overwhelming. But when you still get pregnant, the emotions and feelings, but also the sensations that try you are truly unique. The experience is wonderful and unique, but it can often turn into anxiety or emotional conflict that you have to deal with.

Learn how to prepare emotionally for your first baby!

The emotions and worries that you try when you are first pregnant are part of the preparation to be a parent.

They are not unusual and are lived by most of all moms. Even the most frightening emotions are beneficial and help both you and your partner adapt to the parenting situation and the (much more overwhelming) time when you have to take care of your newborn. The emotions and mental states that are trying to you are triggered mainly by the hormonal changes that take place at the beginning of pregnancy. Some of them are positive and give you the glow of pregnancy, others are less pleasant and make you feel sad, depressed, anxious etc. The most common fears when you are pregnant with the first child

Fear of not losing the task!

You want it so much, you made so many efforts to get pregnant, and your biggest concern at the beginning of pregnancy is to not lose it and what to do to get through the 3 months of risk quickly without something happening bad.

Be positive!

As you know you will have a baby, think only of the positive things and create mantras to tell you that everything will be fine. Don't forget that what you think, that attracts!

Fear that you will not be a good parent!

One of the main concerns of those who first become mothers or those who are preparing to become parents is that they will not be good enough. You just have to know this: there are no perfect parents and you are not born with this "function" or job. It is learned and is a lifelong process. You will make mistakes, sometimes more, sometimes less, but it is important to learn to overcome them and to draw a moral from them.

Fear that the baby will not be born healthy!

This fear is installed from the beginning of pregnancy and is accentuated towards the end, near the birth. Many of the future mothers even dream that babies don't have their fingers or that they are born without an organ. So great are the fears in the subconscious! It is important to outsource them and discuss them with those around you. If you feel that you are becoming more and more stressed and that it is affecting your quality of life, call a psychotherapist.

Fear of not showing any cooling in the couple's relationship

You love yourself enormously, and now, when you hear the news that you will have a baby, you are at the height of joy. But as you progress in pregnancy and then give birth to the baby, a series of unavoidable tensions will arise. There may be a lot of thoughts about the evolution of the couple that can shadow your joy. It is important to communicate openly and thoroughly inform yourself of all the changes that occur during pregnancy and after birth, in order not to get unprepared and to face them.

Financial worries

If you want a baby, but the pregnancy has not been planned or has failed in your most successful financial year, then such worries and frustrations will arise that will give you a bad state and will affect you emotionally. . However, if you are good at analyzing, you will find that it is never the right financial time for a child. There are several ways to easily spend on expenses. You can go to your family doctor for as many free prenatal tests as possible.

You can also call on your parents' support for expenses at the time of birth. After the baby is born, you can borrow clothes from friends or relatives who have children, as well as prams, cribs and other necessary things. You can go to special fairs that have a lot of offers and you can watch the season of discounts to buy the necessary ones. You will find the best solution together and you will deal with the expenses. In other words, babies are not at all pretentious when it comes to clothes or food.

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