Exercises for relaxing tired eyes

Exercises for relaxing tired eyes

Exercises for relaxing the eyes are essential for those who work very hard on the computer or are subject to very long-term efforts. There are a few simple exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere and that have the role of relieving pressure and relaxing the muscles of your eyes.

Hiding the girl in the palm

Sit comfortably on the chair. Gently rub your hands until they warm up. Close your eyes and cover your face with close palms, in the shape of a cup. Avoid putting pressure on the eyes. Place your hands so that your nose remains uncovered.

Make sure the palms cover the eyes well, so that no ray of light penetrates. Breathe deeply and slowly and open your eyes; imagine a deep darkness, focusing on the color black or trying to imagine an object in the distance. Wait for about 2-3 minutes.

Rhythmic movements

Close your eyes. Gently move your head back and forth trying to shape an 8 in the air. Move it rhythmically and breathe deeply and slowly. Continue for 3 minutes, then pause for a few minutes. Do this exercise again.

It includes warm and cold

This exercise helps to improve blood circulation around the eyes and face. These compresses help open the small blood vessels of the face and help release the tension around the eyes. Soak several small towels in the water. Some in hot water, others in cold water.

First put the warm towel on the face and gently pad the face using your hands - the area of ​​the eyebrows, the one immediately below the eyes, cheeks, etc. Then apply a cold towel immediately and do the same. Repeat the movements a few times, but make sure you always end up with a cold compress.

Waves of water over eyes closed

And this exercise also has the role of improving the circulation in the face and relaxing the muscles around the eyes. It is very simple, you just have to stand in front of a sink, let go of the cold water faucet and spray for a few seconds (at a distance) with water on the face. Let the water dry by itself and do not wipe it with the towel.

Facial massage

Soak a small towel in hot or cold water, as desired. Then gently rub your forehead, cheeks and neck with that towel. Do not rub your eyes. Then stretch and close your eyes. Gently massage your forehead and eyelids with your finger belly. Make circular movements.

Fixing the gaze at various points

Look at the various objects at least 5 m away from you. Look for an object for a few seconds, then immediately point your finger at the nose and try to look at it. Stay like that for a few seconds. Then look at an object near you for a few minutes and repeat the movement with your finger. Do these movements a few times in a single series of exercises!

Rotating the eyes

This is the easiest eye relaxation exercise that relaxes the muscles of the eye. Sit on the chair with your back straight and your head relaxed and begin to rotate your eyes clockwise, but without moving your head a bit. Do this movement for a few seconds, then change the direction. Signs that show that your eyes are overloaded with blurred or blurry eyes; tired, heavy eyes sensation; dry eyes; pain in the eyes; headache; dizziness etc.

There is another trick that you can avoid over-straining and straining your eyes. Try to flash from maximum 10 in 10 seconds constantly. This way, you will avoid eye stiffness and will frequently wet your eyes avoiding dry eye syndrome. Do regular ophthalmological checks and wear glasses if necessary. Attention to food. Specialists claim that foods rich in vitamins A and C prevent cell damage and improve eyesight.

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