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What is S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O.

What is S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O.

Tehnica S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O. is a method that can help you organize your life and overcome emotional problems and obstacles in your way. The technique can be used by all people - from children to grandparents - and helps them have a more beautiful and peaceful life.

This method is presented in the book of psychologist Daniel Goleman called "Emotional intelligence in children's education" and militates for the crucial importance of emotions or feelings in the development and education of the child. With great patience, exercise and time, the technique of S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O. it can be "taught" to children and, once implemented in their problem-solving system, they will become stronger, more confident in their own strengths and will succeed in life easier.

S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O. is an acronym for the necessary steps you must follow in solving any problem:

  • Feelings (indicating an action) - how do you feel?

  • I have a problem (recognition of the problem) - what happened?

  • Teluri (as a guide) - what would you like to happen?

  • I'm thinking (on solutions) - what did you do? what did you think about doing?

  • Imagine (results) - what would happen if ...;

  • I choose (the best solution) - which of the things you have thought of is the best choice?

  • I plan (everything to solve the problem, anticipating problems, obstacles and then only implementing it) - how would you do that? What are the steps you need to take in implementing the work you have been thinking about (the solution)?

  • I observe (the results of the implementation of the plan and I think what to do next) - it implements and finally analyzes what the results are or what actions to take.

This technique is actually a way of thinking and a way of solving the problems you face. It can overcome many communication problems, helps you make decisions easier and to plan and organize various things correctly. It helps you to be more logical in thinking and actions. It should not be perceived as a formula, but rather as a complex process, because it is not absolutely necessary to start with the first step. You can start from anywhere you want (head, tail, middle) and skip certain stages without problems.

S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O. it is based on the principles of emotional intelligence

  • The first step is to identify the state or feelings you feel. Because when you have a problem, you first feel it, emotionally through feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, anxiety, etc. It is also essential to identify the feelings of others.

  • Manifestation of empathy and understanding of others' points of view.

  • Controlling emotional and behavioral impulses.

  • Establishing clear and positive goals.

  • Developing positive social skills.

S.A.T.G.I.A.P.O. is one of the most efficient methods of solving problems in crisis situations. It is important to understand that most problems are solved by acting wisely and using emotional intelligence in order to develop solutions and not through momentary impulses and thoughtless actions.

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