Fun for children. What do we replace the TV with?

Fun for children. What do we replace the TV with?

There are plenty of fascinating activities for children that can successfully replace the TV, so controversial in children's development. No matter how tempting it is to leave the child in front of the TV, try not to do this routine. All you have to do is develop bad habits and harmful addiction to the TV. Here are some fun activities ideas you can replace watching TV in your child's life!

Have fun together ... cooking

Install your little one in the kitchen of the house, next to you, while you prepare the meal. Not only will you be able to see yours, but your little one will be busy imitating you - with his toy tools - like chopping onions, tomatoes or carrots. You can have a lot of fun by asking him from time to time what he cooks, what he cuts, what tastes and so on. It is a fun and educational activity, much more interesting than the television, which does not teach anything useful to the child.

Small and big creations ... made of plasticine

Plasticine is one of the materials for children's play that is extremely attractive to them. I can model it in any way, I can create various objects and things, according to the taste and free imagination. You can place the child next to you, whether you are in the kitchen, the living room or the bedroom and you can let him display his mastery in the artistic creations of plasticine.

Drawings or masks - the modern "art" of your little one

Another activity that could be done with the eye of your little one while you do your homework is drawing. Whether it is a coloring book or putting their imagination to contribution and making their own creations, it is possible that this activity will keep him focused as long as the TV would keep him.

Strategies, adventure, emotions - games of society that can not resist

If you have some free time available, do not hesitate to use it playing with your little one. And if you have no ideas you can opt for board games, extremely challenging for children and exciting: monopoly, rummy, chess etc.

Meeting with favorite heroes ... among the pages of books

If he is good enough and knows how to read simple books for young children, do not hesitate to co-opt him in this extremely beneficial activity in his development. The adventures in the cartoons are much more beautiful and captivating, and the little ones develop their reading. In addition, the images with which these cards are equipped make the delight of the child. Teach him to love books since he was little, and the TV will become history for him!

Freedom of movement, when walking in the park

Rather than leave it in front of the TV and feed its addiction for it, you better go out with it outdoors and let it consume its energy and relax with other children. If you are old enough and you are very busy, you can ask a good friend of yours with whom you often go out and has a child to take him for a walk that day. If the little ones are good playmates, they will have no problem in going. And in this time you can solve all your tasks!

And ... what are we inventing today?

Put the child's imagination and creativity into the contribution and challenge him to "manual work". You can teach him to make greetings cards, crafts, decorations and other toys with his own sleeves. From dolls, to paper toys and to cute jewelry from bead and bead, you can have fun together. Great will be his satisfaction when he praises everyone that he made that congratulation or doll.

"In the skin of which character we enter today?"

Role-playing games ... this unique method of teaching the little ones a lot of things and having a lot of fun dressing up in all sorts of characters or trades. For example, you can cause him to be a singer and hum a few songs or a dancer or an actor. Or just get on the skin of your favorite story hero and tell him how brave he is. What more fun will you have! And in the meantime you will be able to do the cleaning that you cannot postpone. And the TV can be turned off much and well!

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