Come into the world of small volunteers

Come into the world of small volunteers

The representative of the European Commission in Romania will organize on Sunday, May 29, 2011, at the Big Wheel in Herastrau Park, between 10.00 - 12.00, an event for children that will celebrate the International Children's Day.

Children and parents are invited to go through the magic gate of the European Union starting at 10.00 in order to enter a story world. At the entrance, the children will be greeted by the Crantanel, Caramel clowns and the characters from the Disney world, who will introduce them to the world of stories and train them in games, contests, creative activities and artistic programs. Through the activities carried out, the children will be familiarized with notions of volunteering in the context in which 2011 is the European Year of Volunteering.

Workshops for the making of dolls organized by the Romanian Peasant Museum, storytelling workshop, origami workshop, face-painting, balloon modeling, artistic programs and prizes will not be missing from the event. Also, children will have many other surprises in the "World of Little Volunteers".

The representative of the European Commission (RCE) in Romania represents the European Commission in Romania and ensures an efficient flow of information between it and the citizens and authorities of Romania. The vision of the Representation is that of a European Romania, both by its quality as a member state and by the active involvement of its citizens in the European construction.

The mission of the RCE is to contribute to a better understanding of the European Union, its goals, values ​​and policies, bringing European information as close as possible to the citizens, in a form adapted to their specific needs.

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