5 daily habits that destroy your health

5 daily habits that destroy your health

Every day we do things that contribute slowly but surely to the destruction of our health. Sometimes you do them without realizing it, at other times you know I'm sorry, but you can't help it. Here are some common household activities such as vacuuming, using the sponge, grilling meat or sleeping on the pillow that can alter your health over time!

Use of kitchen sponge

This is especially the kitchen sponge, with which to wash dishes. The kitchen is considered the dirtiest place in the whole house, according to specialists in microbiology and immunology. In this space you deal with dead animals, their carcasses and remnants, as well as other scraps of raw foods, such as fish or even meat, which can contain a lot of viruses and bacteria.

The sponge in the kitchen is used for all: and for washing the stove, and for the dishes or for cleaning the kitchen counter or table. This only means a greater spread of bacteria and viruses throughout the room. Specialists advise you to soak each sponge in chlorine or bleach mixed with water before using it. You must first rinse it thoroughly before wiping the table or other surfaces. The bleach destroys all the bacteria accumulated in it.


Classic devices have the benefit of aspirating even the smallest dust particles on the floor or carpet. But what you don't know is that most of them go through the vacuum cleaner bags and are removed back into the air through the air exhaust filter. Not only are they sitting on the carpet in a few hours, but in the meantime a large part of it is inhaled. Purchase a vacuum cleaner with a high-performance air elimination filter, which has the role of retaining the smallest dust particles inside.

Grilled meat

All specialists recommend the barbecue as an alternative to fried. It would be more beneficial and recommended than fried, but it does not mean that it is even healthier. Grilled meat increases the risk of cancer, say specialists, especially pancreatic cancer. This risk arises when the meat is too well roasted, even slightly "charred", say the specialists.

Those black traces of barbecue on the meat cause cancer. Do not consume too much grilled meat and not very often. And when you do, try to keep the barbecue at a sufficiently large distance from the jar, so that the meat is not burnt. The best solution is to pack the meat in tin foil.


The TV is not only a feared enemy of health, but it is also one of the most common habits among Romanians. It will be a relaxing hobby, but it only invades your body with a lot of diseases. The most dangerous of them is obesity, and the diseases associated with it are multiple and end up affecting almost all organs of the body. Also, sedentary lifestyle was also associated with an increased risk of cancer, arthritis and other problems. Turn off the TV and go outside for more walks, fun activities such as roller-skating or cycling, etc.

Sleeping on the pillow and blanket

A person of average size and weight eliminates over 50 million dead cells and sweats about 1 liter of fluids every day, even without a special effort. Many of these are accumulated and stored in the pillows we sleep in and in the mattresses. Pretty scumbag. Not? Specialists claim that the weight of a mattress doubles in weight in 10 years due to the accumulation of hair, body secretions, hair of animal origin, mold, bacteria, chemicals, dust, lint, insect pans, etc.

After 5 years, 10% of the weight of a pillow consists of dust. And much of it is inhaled through the airways every night. These can promote the appearance of allergies. The solution is to coat your mattress and pillows in waterproof sheets and change them as often as possible. Wash them at very high temperatures to destroy most of the bacteria. They started to make antiallergic linens that have the role of keeping dust away, so it is worth making such investments, especially if you have children.

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