Meat diet - protein diet

Meat diet - protein diet

Meat diet, also called protein, is a diet for lean that is based, as its name says, on increasing the consumption of protein foods, especially lean meat.

Protein diet is a useful choice when you want to lose about 4 kg in 2 weeks, but it is not recommended to be adopted in the long term, as it deprives the body of certain nutrients and puts it under severe stress!

Meat diet - how does it help you lose weight?

Meat diet (protein) acts on the body by reducing adipose tissue, by preventing water retention in the body and eliminating excess water from the body, without affecting muscle mass.

This means that proteins help the body maintain its muscle mass, which tends to be eliminated with fat layers, in other diets.

Diet with meat or protein, what does it mean?

The protein diet lasts 2 weeks, the period in which you manage to lose about 4 kilos. It is not recommended to extend the regime. It is recommended that the diet be resumed after a break of about 3 months. The diet is based on increasing the consumption of certain types of meat in the daily menu:


Meat from the protein diet cannot be consumed anyway. The diet allows only certain combinations of foods with meat and its cooking only:

the barbecue;
in the oven;
to steam.

Foods that are accepted in the diet and can be consumed during weight loss are:

skimmed milk (yogurt, cheese, etc.);
the vegetables;
boiled eggs.

The menu consists of 5 meals per day, as in any other balanced food program. Three of them are main meals - each time meat is consumed - and 2 are snacks. The main recommended snacks are fruits (a fruit / snack).

Meat diet: rules and restrictions

There are also other special rules that are required and must be followed throughout the meat diet:

- the meals are taken at fixed times and nothing is eaten after 18:00;

- drink at least 2 liters of water, daily;

- Avoid alcohol consumption during the diet;

- the coffee is drunk black, not sweetened;

- The diet is combined, necessarily, with constant physical activity (it does not matter that it is fitness in the room or that you just walk through parks, it is important to be constantly in your program).

Due to the high protein intake, the diet is quite satiated, which means that there is no risk of starvation throughout its duration. However, physicians are reserved about this diet because of the restrictions imposed on nutrition and the deprivation of the body from certain nutrients.

In addition, if you are not careful about what you eat after completing the diet and return to the old dietary style, you may fall into the trap of the yo-yo effect, and your weakness may only be temporary.

Have you ever had a meat or protein diet? If so, how much did you manage to lose, and if not, does it tempt you? Do you think this is a healthy weight loss solution? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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