Bad car / movement in children

Bad car / movement in children

Motion or car sickness is quite common in children especially before 2-3 years. The balance system of the children is not well trained until this age, and the bad state and the related symptoms are easily installed.

The most common manifestations are nausea or vomiting. Find out how you can help your child overcome motion sickness!

What are the causes of the car wreck?

In the case of children younger than 3 years, then the cause is the immaturity of the center of balance, located at the level of the little boy's ear. In older children, motion sickness occurs because of a conflict between the ear and the eye - the center of the ear (which controls balance and orientation). The brain receives confusing signals from the center of the ear and from the receiving sensors or from what the eyes see and causes the onset of symptoms.

For example, when the child reads something, plays or looks at the drawings inside the car, he feels the movement of the car in the center of the ear and in the body, but since his vision is focused on the page of the book, the video game or the images in drawings, the eyes send wrong signals to the brain as if it were stationary. The deeper the imbalance or conflict is, the more pronounced the symptoms will be.

At what age does the car river appear?

Moving or car sickness is common in infants and children up to 3 years old, but occurs frequently between 2 and 12 years. If up to 3 years of age almost all the children have a bad car, with the maturity of the balance system some of those who have had it may no longer fulfill this condition.

How is motion sickness manifested in children?

The most common symptoms in babies are vomiting. But they can also appear in children:

  • nausea states not accompanied by vomiting;
  • cold sweats;
  • dizziness;
  • altered general condition.

How do you help the child overcome the motion sickness?

The most important thing is your reaction in this regard, especially when the child is a child and is attentive to everything you do. If you are very scared you will not do them any favors, but on the contrary you will only draw more attention to this problem and make it worse.

Also, it is not advisable to give them since you get in the car a bag in which to vomit in case he is hurt or ask him permanently how he feels. You will induce fear that it will be bad, it will only think about it and the condition can be easily installed.

Tricks by which the child can be helped to avoid car or movement damage

  • mentholated sweets (always try to have such sweets and suck them);
  • gingerbread cookies (ginger is considered one of the most important antivomitives);
  • avoiding reading in the car or watching cartoons or fixing the gaze on other "static" things that could mislead the ear-eye relationship and send wrong signals to the brain;
  • uses bracelets for pre-puncture against nausea caused by motion sickness (they are easy to use, are found in pharmacies and are effective - they are put on the baby's wrist);
  • allow the child to sit as far as possible in the middle of the rear seat, so that he can see both the sides of the car, as well as in front, to the same extent;
  • have the child breathe deeply in the mouth several times;
  • give it a go on the road - this activity reduces the symptoms of car wreck;
  • show him a fixed point, removed in front and let him look at him for a few minutes;
  • Avoid strong odors inside the car because it aggravates the condition;
  • make stops as often as possible, so that the baby can breathe fresh air and take a break from this condition;
  • distract them, but not through activities that engage their eyes as video games, drawn or read, but through conversations, word games or music;
  • take with you ice packs or special items to put in the freezer and put in the refrigerator box - wrap one in a towel and put it on the baby's head, helping to remove nausea.

Opinion of the mothers in the Community

Mommy Zita tells us: "I have a little boy who is very bad at the car. Unfortunately he didn't do any of the things listed above, but I still found a cure! I was desperate and tried muuuuuulte and the only one who - made the effect is Vomex. "

Careful! Before taking this medicine, consult your doctor or pharmacist!

As a homeopathic alternative, the mothers on the forum also recommend Cocculine.

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