7 things that ruin your vision

7 things that ruin your vision

In a society where the computer is used in all companies and schools or people's homes, it is no wonder that he is the number 1 enemy in terms of altering eyesight. But he is not alone, there are some things and habits that we do that affect our eyesight, sometimes without knowing!

The computer

It is the main enemy of sight and is used by millions, perhaps billions of people around the world daily, for several hours in a row. Long-term use of the computer, without taking security and protection measures, can permanently affect your distance vision. Every hour spent in front of the computer contributes to the loss of vision in time, experts say, if it is done indiscriminately.

Thus, if you experience some of the following symptoms, it is good to go in control, to do the right glasses and to remember to do the exercises from time to time and to blink often:

  • fatigue;
  • tension in the eyes;
  • rash;
  • headache;
  • sensitivity to light;
  • dry eyes;
  • see "double";
  • dizziness etc.

Glasses and contact lenses

Although specially designed for vision correction, eye glasses can damage the eyes. It is possible to say that you did them to the doctor, they can not be good or affect the eyes! It is true that they were prescribed by an ophthalmologist, but that any prescription should be followed precisely and at some point replaced.

So, if your doctor has recommended that you wear your glasses all the time to correct a vision defect, but you only wear them when you read or when you are at the computer, not only do you not solve your problems, but you may aggravate them. .

The read

Reading helps intellectual development, relaxation and has many other benefits for us, but it could ruin your eyesight. Especially if you tend to read closely. This puts your eye on a lot of stress and stress and can cause myopia. If you experience certain symptoms such as pain or discomfort at eye level when reading closely, then it is advisable to try to keep the book or magazine at a greater distance because you are over-eyeing.

Poor power supply

The lack of essential nutrients to improve vision can lead to such problems over time. There are certain nutrients in foods that the eyes need to function properly. The most important are vitamin A and lutein which help prevent important diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts or glaucoma. In addition, they can help improve vision!

Frequent straining of the eyes

It definitely happens to you, especially when you look at something on the computer, to "close" your eyes or tighten them to better see something on the screen or around. Repeating this habit daily, several times a day can seriously affect your eyesight. Tightening of the eyes or looking at the crucible stresses the internal musculature of the eyes and becomes a major cause of vision problems.

Lack of eye relaxation exercises

Just as you work your body and take care to tone it up and energize it, the same training needs your eyes. The ability of the eye to gaze at an object or simply gaze is controlled by a series of internal muscles.

If they are not very well worked and trained they lose weight and can cause vision. In addition, the specialists claim that these exercises of relaxation and strengthening of the muscles also tend to correct and combat certain vision problems you have.


It is a natural fact that you can not prevent anything. As you grow older your vision decreases and you are more prone to vision problems. The internal components of the eye become rigid and lose their flexibility, affecting the ability to properly focus the image that enters the eye.

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