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7 foods harmful to the skin

7 foods harmful to the skin

Your skin also nourishes with the nutrients and vitamins you receive from the foods you eat, not only with body lotions or creams that you pamper it with in the evening. But sometimes, we do not eat precisely foods that help our skin, but on the contrary, we make choices that harm its health and its shine.


Alcohol is one of the foods that do the skin a disservice. The skin becomes rough, dry, stiff and glossy when you drink alcohol. The explanation is that it contributes to the dehydration of the body and implicitly the skin. Irritation may occur on the surface of the skin caused by alcohol or vasodilation - enlargement of blood vessels that appear as red fissures on the surface of the skin, extremely unsightly.


It is a harmful ingredient for the skin. We know that eating without salt has no taste, but it has negative effects on the health of the epidermis: it causes the swelling of the tissues and the loss of skin elasticity. In addition, it favors dehydration and if you do not consume enough water to make up for your skin it suffers.

Junk food

All products that contain processed or industrially processed meat are enemies of skin health. These contain very large amounts of salt, sugar or harmful preservatives that cause dehydration of the skin, drying and lack of shine. Avoid sausages and junk foods, as they are extremely harmful to the whole body. This category also includes chips, commercially packaged cakes, pastries, snacks, pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Sweets and pastries

This category includes all products with a high glycemic index. This means high sugar content. It seems that industrial sugar contributes not only to an unsightly appearance of the skin, but can also cause ailments, with acne being favored by the consumption of such products. In addition, excess sugar can cause premature aging of the skin or loss of elasticity and shine.

Bottled soft drinks

Carbonated drinks, but also those without acid in the trade are some of the products that your skin would be happy if you avoided. Besides the fact that they have an extremely high sugar content, they also contain preservatives that favor premature aging of the skin, lack of shine and favor acne.

These can be consumed, but very rarely and only if you have a predominantly healthy diet. They can become spoiled, but once in a few weeks. The constant administration of artificially sweetened beverages is a service that you bring to the whole body, not just the skin.


Some types of milk, which come from mass or industrially raised animals, may contain growth hormones. These, associated with fats, contribute to several skin problems - from rashes to acne. However, they argue that of the dairy that does not affect the health of the skin is yogurt.


Fried foods in oil are extremely harmful to the skin. Some doctors argue that they would contribute to the appearance of acne, but there is no evidence yet. What is known is that they lead to premature aging of the skin. It is advisable to avoid them completely from the food and try to change the way they are prepared with the barbecue, baking or steaming.

What should you eat for healthy skin?

Instead, if you want to contribute to the health of your skin you can do it all with the help of nutrition. Not all foods are an enemy to skin beauty. There are also examples that help keep the elastic shiny and extremely well hydrated.

  • yogurt with a low fat content;
  • berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.);
  • salmon;
  • green tea;
  • the water;
  • avocado;
  • almonds;
  • mango;
  • cottage cheese.

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