How do you prepare healthy desserts for children?

How do you prepare healthy desserts for children?

The really healthy desserts for the kids are the ones made in the house, by your hand and the chickens as well. This way you know exactly what the cakes contain and you can control the amount of sugar in them. Also, avoid preservatives and other harmful E's that are often found in confectionery or commercially packaged sweets. Here are some tricks to help you make healthy desserts for your child!

Use as many fruits as possible!

Children do not always like simple, natural fruits. But you can easily mask them in the form of delicious desserts. You can cut them in a little chocolate cream, you can fully integrate them into cakes or fruit creams made by you. Be creative and make all kinds of toppings to cut pieces of fruit in them (caramel, chocolate, a little fresh, etc.).

Natural ice cream, right at home!

In the hot season the little ones are just waiting to enjoy the taste of ice cream. Avoid buying the little boy's ice cream and do it yourself. This way you can replace the harmful sugar with full fruit and put a splash of honey to sweeten it. In addition you can make a lot of super combinations, and if you are still creative and arrange them beautifully in shapes or on special snacks for children, the little ones will be delighted.

Prepare puddings, creams, rice or milk greens!

These can become some of their favorite desserts if you are smart and introduce them since they are small desserts. They are creamy and sweet and you can play with them and from time to time you can add dried fruits or fresh fruits to them.

Opt for fresh and dried fruits!

Both fresh and dried fruits can be served as a dessert, but when you have no ideas, add them in creams or yogurts and turn them into delicious desserts. You can make biscuits from whole grains and dried fruit or honey and fruit snacks, which will delight children. It is important to be creative and make all kinds of combinations between fresh and healthy ingredients!

Replace sugar with healthy alternatives!

Sugar is a powerful enemy of health and a food adored by children! But its taste, so addictive, can be substituted with other, much healthier ingredients:

  • honey;
  • Maple syrup;
  • spices (spices - cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, vanilla, etc.).

Don't make a desert habit!

It is not advisable for the child to get used to the idea that he will receive a dessert after each meal! It is not advisable or healthy to make a daily routine of sweets. Doctors claim that it is enough to give him a dessert once a day 3-4 times a week and so on. Of course, this does not include fruit, which can be served daily, but as a snack on its own, without added sugar or other ingredients!

Involve the child in making desserts!

It is best to put the little one to help you and cook with you sweets and desserts. Make their preparation a fun game and always be creative! It is an opportunity to talk to them about how to make healthy sweets. Explain the difference between healthy and harmful foods.

Also, explain to them that the foods they consume must provide all their nutrients to grow big and healthy and that not all of them are. Give them concrete examples to know why they need to be careful and explain what causes them: tummy aches, lack of energy to play, fatigue, etc.

Never condition dessert for other meals or what the child does!

Never tell your child that they will get a cake if it is beautiful in public or that you give them candy if they eat at a table. You encourage bad eating habits in your child and you risk overeating and giving him more calories than he needs for his age and weight and thus becoming obese.

In addition, if you tell her once that you give her cake if the pope is still on the plate he will expect that every time he eats he will receive a sweet reward. You might have problems and will try to resist eating even if you don't give her the long-awaited candy.

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