6 holiday locations for children passionate about mystery

6 holiday locations for children passionate about mystery

Is your child passionate about paranormal or occult phenomena? If you are interested in Dracula, ghosts, aliens, witches and other characters or scary and enigmatic things then you should think of a holiday in tune with his passions. Here are some extremely enigmatic tourist attractions that would delight the child!

1. The Witchcraft Museum (England)

If the little one has a passion for witches and for Wicca - their mysterious religion - then the Witch Museum in the south-west of England is the perfect location. It was founded by a former English secret agent and has unique and interesting exhibits. Cecil Williamson, the founder of this museum, collected these museum objects when he was in charge of collecting information and things about the Nazi interest in the occult sciences.

The museum contains unique but also frightening exhibits - from the devil's veneration to the objects used to persecute wizards, as well as many other frightening objects. The toys, the torture instruments used in the 16-17 centuries and other such objects can be found inside this enigmatic museum.

2. The Blue Mummy House (Romania)

There are interesting and attractive tourist attractions for children even in our country. Sibiu is the city that hosts a museum that presents the story of the "blue mummy", a mummified woman 2500 years ago. The Franz Binder Museum in Sibiu introduces you to the universe of ancient Egypt by presenting you with a blue Egyptian mummy in all its splendor. The museums of Sibiu make available the whole story of the mummy, as well as the translations of the symbols from the sarcophagus and other attractions in Egyptian history and culture.

3. The Voodoo History Museum in New Orleans (USA)

If you have the opportunity to ride on American land, then you can choose New Orleans. Your child has something to do. The museum brings together ancient Voodoo practices as well as modern ones. The museum aims to present the practices of the Voodoo religion and to expose the objects needed for it. The exhibits are quite frightening, so your little one should be passionate about the occult sciences to be excited about what he sees there. Visitors can also benefit from some spiritual services such as spells, charms and other wizards.

4. The Valley of Prehistory (Cuba)

The Cuban land is home to one of the most bizarre locations in the world. This valley, called prehistoric, contains statues in natural size of some ancient animal specimens. It is a huge area of ​​11 hectares where you can discover the strangest animals. Those who visited this valley had a strange feeling of insecurity and a cold chill when they went through all the hills of the region.

5. House with bones (Austria)

Here is one of the darkest tourist locations. The house with bones is located in a small town in Austria, called Hallstrat. The house houses many skulls decorated in artistic style with flowers, snakes or leaves.

6. Bran Castle (Dracula's Castle)

If your vacation in foreign countries comes out of the discussion, then you could consider one of the most popular and popularized locations: Bran area. Renowned for the ancient legend of Count Dracuta, Bran Castle is a well-known tourist attraction. Not only the castle itself, but the whole Bran area has a specific theme: we meet specific souvenirs with vampires and, in particular, the famous horror tunnel located at the Bran Castle gate.

It is a tunnel full of strong sensations for the little ones eager for adrenaline and with much courage. The first thing that hits you when you enter the tunnel is darkness; then, all sorts of monstrous and frightening appearances make their appearance throughout the tunnel, these being accompanied by voices that give even the bravest voices.

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