How to get the bedroom fat

How to get the bedroom fat

You may be wondering how the bedroom can get fat! You do this right! Then you need to know that the habits you have in the bedroom, the way you paint it and the way you decorate have their mark on your figure. Find out how the bedroom can help you lose weight faster!

The quality and quantity of sleep affects your health and weakness. There are many things that can disturb your sleep, and the bedroom is one of them. There are some things in the bedroom or you often do in the bedroom that keep you awake longer than you should. And the things you do can influence the way you sleep. Here's what you can do to create a bedroom that will help you lose weight!

Do not paint or decorate the bedroom in red!

Red is a passionate and exciting color, but not at all suitable to help you get rid of a few pounds. This color enhances your appetite and makes you eat more. It has the effect of igniting the hunger bulb in your brain and triggering this sensation, even if it is not the time for the meal.

The color that opposes the excessive appetite is the blue. She is one of the best friends in weight loss diets. It does not open your appetite, it even cuts your hunger. So maybe you should consider it for painting!

Avoid turning on the light when you wake up at night!

If you have the habit of waking up at night to go to the bathroom or drink water, avoid turning on the lights. When you do this, messages are transmitted to the brain that it is day and that it is appropriate to wake up. The secretion of melatonin, which is a hormone that helps induce sleep, slows down. It is considered the sleeping pillow.

You will fall asleep much harder when you get into bed! You can strategically position some very small windows or small devices to create a light artificial light on the way to the bathroom or kitchen. These are useful to help you not get stuck and see what you do when you drink water or use the bath. It is important not to be a strong light.

Buy a "healthy" bed!

It is important that the bed influences sleep in a positive sense. That's why you have to have the mattress you need, the most appropriate pillows and so on. If they are uncomfortable you will not be able to relax and fall asleep. Sleep disturbed by such impediments causes you to become irritated, agitated and in no case less weak when you wake up.

Specialists advise to change the mattress when you no longer feel comfortable in it, not when its term expires. Do not use a mattress for more than 7 years! And the pillows need to be changed every year, and if you have problems with the neck then even earlier.

Get used to sleeping with sounds and noise in the background!

It is not recommended to sleep in a room where there is total peace. You will become a sensitive person to any small noise and you will wake up from almost anything. But even loud noises are not good because they will interrupt your sleep. The best thing to do is to have some background sounds, either from a relaxing music or leave the window open to hear the movements outside.

Avoid keeping your TV or computer in the room you sleep in!

The TV is one of the most common causes of lack of sleep in adults. It is a temptation that makes you fall asleep very late and you no longer enjoy the required number of hours of sleep. And your computer or laptop has the same effect!

Also, these are temptations that also encourage bad eating habits. Many people tend to eat in bed while watching TV. This causes excessive calorie intake and rapid fat burning!

Avoid getting very cold in the bedroom!

We know that the hot season has begun and that the air conditioning is indispensable. But it is advisable to avoid creating a too-cool atmosphere in the room where you sleep. The cold sensation gives you the appetite. Maintain a bearable, but warmer atmosphere, to avoid eating too much!

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