Discover Tennis awards over 100 children

Discover Tennis awards over 100 children

In the campaign Discover tennis! The first free tennis lesson brings prizes for 100 participating children

If the little one has too much energy and you want to use it in a productive way, you can sign up for a first tennis lesson. As part of the Discover Tennis! Campaign, you can bring your children to free tennis lessons, organized in sports clubs in Bucharest and in the province.

The campaign runs until October 2013 and offers children between the ages of 4 and 10 the opportunity to interact for the first time with this sport. Moreover, all those participating in the lessons are automatically enrolled in the monthly raffles within the campaign.

During May-October 2013, on the 25th of each month, 16 winners will be drawn who will receive sports equipment and numerous other prizes. The names of the winners will be announced on, and the prize will be lifted from one of the tennis clubs where the little one participated in the free lesson.

Campaign Discover tennis! It aims to promote tennis among parents whose children are up to 10 years old, encouraging them to try a new sport and test it through free lessons. To register their children for one or more free lessons, parents must access the Discover Tennis! Calendar, on, and choose the city, club and day for the free lesson they want.

A tennis lesson lasts about an hour, and a child can participate in any of the lessons learned from the calendar. These will take place even on the weekend, and registrations will open two weeks before each event. The partner clubs provide the necessary field, coach and equipment (balls, missiles). Children only need to be dressed and sport shoes.

If the little ones want to continue playing this sport, as a result of their first contact with tennis, they will have the opportunity to participate in tournaments organized for their age category and according to their abilities. Continuing the campaign Discover tennis! comes the system of Tennis competitions10.