Hair on the body in young children

Hair on the body in young children

Hair on various areas of the body in young children is in many cases normal. Although it is strange to see hair curl on the legs, hands, back or face in children 3-5 years old, maybe even younger, the specialists claim that it is not unusual. In fact, newborns are even born with a fluff called lanugo, which falls immediately after birth. Find out when hair is a problem on the body of young children!

Newborns are born with a fluff on their body called lanugo!

The puff on the body of the newborn begins to appear from the time of birth in the mother's womb. It is produced by follicle follicles and appears early in the first trimester of pregnancy. Some fall into this puff until the time of birth, others do not! The puff will disappear in a few days or weeks without taking any action. This fluff is called lanugo and is fine, soft and usually colorless (unpigmented).

What are the causes of hair on the body in children?

As some children grow, they may have hair (this time pigmented) on various parts of the body. Most of the time there is no problem with this. Doctors argue that it is not the case for parents to worry. The reasons why some children have hair on the body are more about genetics.

If the parents have a lot of hair on the body (or someone else in the family), it is possible that the baby will inherit the body hair. In very rare cases the causes may be hormonal in nature. A hormonal imbalance can be the basis for excessive hair growth. Your doctor may do more tests if you suspect that the problem may have this cause.

What does hair look like on the body of young children?

Hair that appears in young children is different from the puffiness of newborns, but also that of puberty or adolescence. You are not as fluffy and light in color as lanugo, but not as thick, harsh and dark as in adolescence. In some children it may be darker in color, while in others it may be almost unnoticeable.

When should you worry?

You do not need to worry! But if you think you have too much hair, pigmented and in complex and numerous areas of the body is the case to go to the doctor. The pediatrician finds this problem in children during the regular medical consultations of the child. If it does not mention anything about the body piercer, it means that it is not a problem worth considering.

Doctors begin to be alarmed and recommend further investigations when they notice hair growth on the armpits or pubic area. Hair should appear in these areas only at the age of puberty, when age-specific hormonal changes occur. Hair that appears at very young ages in such areas may indicate a hormonal imbalance. The increased level of testosterone is responsible in most cases for stimulating hair growth.

What measures are recommended?

There are doctors who can recommend hair removal for children. But it is not advisable for the little ones to be subjected to such actions from such an early age. Doctors claim that this hair disappears by itself in the early years of childhood and that it is not necessary to intervene on it. In addition, classic hair removal methods can cause allergic reactions in children.

Be it the blade, the wax or the depilatory cream, the risk is the same because they have very sensitive skin. These are temporary measures anyway, because the hair will grow back in place, it is not as if it would get rid of it permanently.

If a hormonal problem is suspected, the doctor will use the blood test to detect the problem. In case such an imbalance is discovered, a medicinal treatment or, in very rare cases, surgery is recommended.

Doctors claim that you don't even have to worry about your baby becoming a "hairy" adult. Excessive hair on the body of children is not a sign that they will have even more hair at maturity. They have no connection and do not influence each other.