The Little Artist workshops return to the Comic Opera for Children

The Little Artist workshops return to the Comic Opera for Children

After the success registered in the first season of the "Little Artist" Workshops in the 2016-2017 school year, starting with September 1, the City Hall, through the Comic Opera for Children, will start a new edition of a program dedicated to children. Offer from courses is enriched and from this season will be 11 thematic courses for developing the skills and talents of children and young people up to 18 years, from oratory, photography, choir, ballet, flamenco and street dance to scenography, acting and medieval art.

Workshop entries are made between September 1-10, by completing an online form for each workshop. The groups of participants will be formed following the preselections organized at the headquarters of the Comic Opera for Children. The workshops will run throughout the 2017-2018 school year, and the cost of a session is only 10 lei. The program regulations are available on the Comic Opera for Children website, www.operacomica.ro.

The courses are supported by specialists with experience in the field, who aim to capitalize on the artistic talents and native qualities of children, through non-formal education. The instructors are: ballet - Jaqueline Bratu, ballet plus - Theodora Munteanu, choir - Madalina Maxim, junior choir - Elena Iorgulescu, photography - Cristina Radulescu, oratory - Nae Sovaiala, street dance - Ionut Picincu (Hammer), flamenco - Lucas Molina, set design - Bogdana Pascal, actor - Andreea Corneanu, medieval art - Mihai Serghei Todor, and the coordinator of the whole project is Daniela Andronie.

The child registration forms for the "Little Artist" Workshops will be available starting September 1 on the website www.operacomica.ro and on the Facebook page of the institution.

The Comic Opera for Children is a public institution of culture, subordinated to the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest, run since 2014 by soprano Felicia Filip. Unique in the world through the audience segment to which it is addressed, the Comic Opera for Children has over 10,000 spectators per month. For the 2017-2018 season, over 400 performances are already scheduled, of which 16 premieres.

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