What Marienkafer and her friends have been doing since they first met

What Marienkafer and her friends have been doing since they first met

Last month Marienkäfer (gargle - in German) and his new friends learned a lot of songs, learned the Grimm brothers' stories, but learned the numbers and how to understand the abstract notions of crowds. Everything in German! Can you believe that? There are many things they have learned, but we expect to see them on the spot.
The years that children spend in kindergarten represent the so-called golden age of childhood. They have no responsibilities other than those related to acquiring the rules of behavior. Their main occupation is the game.
Is it possible for a child to learn a foreign language in play?

We can answer with certainty that yes.

In children learning a foreign language, stories occupy an important place. At preschool age, children live in a world created by them, populated by loved ones from stories told by grandparents, or why not listened in kindergarten. Learn words and expressions without realizing that they do, interpreting Hansel and Gretel, Red or White Scufita as Snow and the 7 Dwarves.

They live scenes from the lives of big people, they imagine different situations finding them solutions, which more than ever they crave. There are just a few scenarios to stimulate the little "scholars" to learn a foreign language without appearing to learn. It is beneficial for them to learn a foreign language before the start of school, besides the advantage of an early start and stimulates their sense of competition, because their results can be quantified.

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