The most beautiful melody

The most beautiful melody

Mum aurasumeu

Baby Eva

My story and my baby is a sad and ugly one but with a happy ending.

The 8 and a half years of treatment that my husband and I followed were not an ordeal, the two unsuccessful insemination were not very difficult, it was not difficult to go to the gynecologist for a month and then to do the temperature. scheduled sex, painful injections, tears, hopes and sadness.

The hardest thing was summer when I went to the sea and the seashore was full of screams of children - it was the most beautiful song! Then came the holidays - chasing after gifts and shops full of toys ... and tears. This is how the 8 and a half years of treatment went.

2 lines, after 8 and a half years of treatment

But how a pain does not come alone my husband lost his father unexpectedly after a serious stroke. There was a treatment break because he could not. Then I had a license and we changed the service too. When we had calmed down a little the miracle occurred! Santa Claus and I and my husband received the most beautiful gift - I did a pregnancy test and ... 2 little lines!

The most beautiful months of my life followed (5 months). Why 5 months? At the first 3D ultrasound, there was a problem: not seeing the lungs and heart problems. So again to doctors, other ultrasounds, other tears, doctors and doctors, shared opinions - the solution was a pregnancy break, but something does not leave me!

God, why can't I enjoy my little baby crying how many times I was crying? Tears, tears, tears ...

The 4 months of nightmare have passed the longest months of our life and the miracle has occurred! Our little angel Eve came to the world - a little girl of note 10! There was no need to go to the hospital for surgery.

Now Eva is 4 years and 10 months old and it is a wonderful face that turns us every day into a holiday. The sun came to us too.

Believe in miracles, because they exist!

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