Santa Nicolae Fair 2013

Santa Nicolae Fair 2013

Santa Nicolae Fair 2013

Santa Nicolae Fair 2013 at the Bistrita City Center - Summer Theater, December 5 - 8, 2013. The fair is a unique project, meant to give a magical atmosphere for the winter holidays in Bistrita.

This year's event takes place in the central area, on the Bistrita Municipality Pedestrian, in the Summer Theater and in the space in its vicinity, the area that the municipality decorates and arranges according to the winter traditions, and which will be enhanced by the lighting of the lights. Holidays, when the Fair begins and the winter holidays in Bistrita.

The fair is organized in two sections.

December 5 - 8, 2013 - Winter Joys - Santa Nicola Fair

clothing, knitwear, footwear and leather goods;

natural products, cosmetics, toys, sweets, jewelry, gifts;

interior and exterior decorations, small furniture; household articles, chemicals, plastics, glassware; holiday and seasonal holiday packages; decorative art objects specific to winter holidays, ceramics, various other articles;

December 11 - 15, 2013 - Christmas Gifts

miscellaneous gifts (clothing, footwear, toys, sweets, etc.), seasonal products, Christmas ornamental products

Companies can opt for a separate section or both. The allocation of spaces is granted according to the principle "First come, first served". No exclusivity is granted per product category.

For the outdoor stands, the fair will focus on seasonal food products (boiled wine, must, beer, cinnamon products, pies, pancakes, cozonac, Szekler cozonac, other confectionery-pastry products, sweets, cheeses, sausages, prepared foods , mititei, gulas la caul) craft products, Christmas ornamental products.

Organizers: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bistrita-Nasaud, in collaboration with the City Hall of Bistrita.

There will come again those with traditional products from Maramures, pies, pickles, pickles, pickles, zacusa, compotes, sweets, bee products, homemade cakes without e-mail, various pork preparations, organic sausages (as they were in the autumn).

For the first time, we will also have cheese from the Sibiu area, smoked house, pork, pastrama, sheep sausage.


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