6 quick remedies for itching, stinging and biting

6 quick remedies for itching, stinging and biting

Insect bites and stings are common at outdoor outings. We deal with wasps, bees, flies, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects that attack our skin. If you are unable to avoid these dangers of summer it is good to have some natural remedies to reduce the unpleasant symptoms!

Oats for mosquito bites

The mosquitoes are the main enemies of the summer. Their invasion cannot be completely blocked, but the effects can be diminished. Oats help to soothe and reduce the inflammation caused by stinging. If the lesions normally go away within a week, with the help of oatmeal, they will heal in 2-3 days.

Asprina for tick bite

The ticks are some of the dangerous insects. The skin is the one affected because they suck the blood causing injuries. The first step is to try to loosen the skin hood. It will not be comfortable at all.

The pain settles immediately. Therefore, you need an aspirin that you will pee. Mix with water until a paste forms and apply easily on the inflamed place. Allow the mixture to act for 10 minutes. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the redness of the skin, but it also helps in healing.

Bitter salt for snake bite

Care of the snake bite at home is only done if the reptile is not of a venomous species. In case you cannot tell if it is poisonous or not, follow the symptoms that appear immediately afterwards. If you notice severe bleeding, high pain, fever, diarrhea and dizziness then call the ambulance.

If the bite is caused by a non-venomous snake then you can treat it with a bitter salt solution. First clean the wound with plenty of water. Then mix 3 tablespoons of the bitter salt with a cup of water and apply the solution (slightly heated) on the wound twice a day for one week. Magnesium from the bitter salt kills the bacteria left by the snake's teeth in the skin.

Ammonia for ant stings

Through the stings, the ants secrete a venom that forms a reddish skin reaction, so that the sensation of burning and pruritus then appears. To calm the symptoms put a little ammonia on the bite, leave for 30 seconds and then rinse the area.

Echinacea for spider bites

The spider bites are extremely painful and tend to swell more and more as the days pass until the withdrawal occurs. To stop inflammation and swelling, you must immerse a piece of sterile wool or sterile dressing in the echinacea tincture and anoint the area. You have to let it work for about 12 hours.

Soap for flea bites

You don't meet fleas at all. But if you go to the country or a farm it is impossible not to meet, even by chance. They are hosted by small mammals, birds, reptiles and even humans can sometimes host them. They multiply rapidly and flatten the skin causing itching and damage from scratching.

The best method of calming the symptoms is a hot shower with soap and then applying a hydrocortisone cream 2 times a day in the irritated areas.

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