Protects children from passive smoking

Protects children from passive smoking

Smoking has many side effects on smokers, but also on those around them. The effects of passive smoking are just as harmful, especially for babies and children.

Children are especially highly sensitive to the effects of passive smoking. The body of the children is still growing and breathing much faster than the adults. Thus, children inhale more cigarette smoke.

Children who grow up in an environment in which one or both parents smoke are more at risk of lung and respiratory disease. In severe cases, children may be hospitalized following exposure to cigarette smoke.

Also, these children also face school problems, are absent, have behavioral problems and do not develop as quickly as other children, of the same age.

Exposure to cigarette smoke leads to impaired learning abilities. Children living in homes where they smoke get lower grades in math, reading or logic tests. Sometimes, these children have a conflicting attitude towards teachers and school colleagues.

Parents should pay special attention to children suffering from asthma. Even the smallest amount of smoke can lead to serious respiratory attacks.

Here are some of the risks of passive smoking among children:

  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia;
  • undeveloped lungs;
  • severe asthma attacks;
  • flu and cold sensitivity;
  • cancer at maturity;
  • odor loss;
  • meningitis.

How to protect your child from the harmful effects of passive smoking?

If you are a smoker parent and you cannot quit this vice, you must take certain measures to protect the child.

Here's what you can do:

Smoke outside

Even if you only smoke in one room of the house, the smoke will spread throughout the house. The small poisonous particles can thus be easily inhaled by the small one.

Ask the guests to smoke outside. Even if it seems rude, it's important to ask your guests to smoke outside. Tell them this is the rule at home and everyone has to comply.

Don't smoke in the car

If you go on the road with the child it is advisable to quit smoking in the car. Try to smoke only when making small stops.

Even if you smoke with the window open, the harmful tobacco smoke will be carried back to the car and will reach the rear seats.

Have a meal in the non-smoking area

When you take the little one to the restaurant, it is advisable to go to the specially designed non-smoking area.

Keep the baby away from places with a lot of smoke

When you go out with the little one, try to go to places where you know you don't smoke. Keep the little ones away from the smoking places, even if they are arranged in open spaces.

Also, avoid using room perfumes. They only cover the smell of tobacco and do not remove it. These filters absorb the odor, but the harmful chemicals remain in the room, having the same harmful effects on the health of the child.

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