7 essentials for newborns

7 essentials for newborns

The wardrobe or things a newborn needs are not many in number, but they are of particular importance. Despite the temptation to buy a lot of products for the little one, it is good to focus on the things he really needs - diapers, socks, bodies, hats, etc.

1. So many

When it comes to the newborn wardrobe, one piece of clothing is really important - the bodies. These are the ones that the baby will wear during the first weeks of life. They are a kind of bodysuits created from a piece, extremely comfortable. Choose natural cotton and staple patterns to easily change the baby's diaper. Do not buy more than 6 bodies to rotate because it will grow very fast.

You have to take the baby a single thicker jumpsuit if you give birth in the cold season. Do not throw more, because he will not wear them. This is useful when you need to take it out - at maternity leave, doctor visits, etc.

Depending on the season you give birth, you will need thick or thin caps. But newborns should wear a hat. Do not buy more than 2-3 caps, because the little ones grow very fast after birth and you will have to change them.

2. Diapers

Diapers must be permanently part of the equipment for the newborn. Make sure that you always have at home or at your fingertips diapers appropriate to his age and size.

3. Care products

In the equipment for changing the diaper there must be a cream against skin irritation and wet cleaning towels.

Buy lotions and creams specially created for the sensitive skin of children. You can also take special oils for the massage after each bath.

And the nails should be cut even if you think it doesn't need to. They grow quite fast and the little one risks scratching. Buy a special baby slip, which has the tips tipped.

4. Medical kit

Each newborn should have a personal medicine kit depending on their health status. Some babies need special care after birth and your doctor may recommend certain treatments. Make sure you always have them at home.

In addition, you should also have a bottle of acetaminophen droplets for infants (which helps reduce fever), but also a vacuum cleaner or nasal pump to break the nose. The thermometer is another thing that should not be missing from the kit.

5. Cadita

Every newborn needs a bathtub. Baita will be part of the child's daily rituals, and it is most likely to take place in a bath specially created for him.

6. Basket

In the first weeks the newborn does not need a stroller. It can be easily carried in a special basket for him. It is very practical and easy to use.

7. Accessories

Suzeta will become your ally in trying to calm the little one when she is crying and you will use her from birth. Therefore, it must be among the first products set aside for the birth of the baby.

Even if you are determined to breastfeed - exclusively - it is good to have a new baby bottle in the house. You never know when you run out of milk or if the baby is just full of breasts. And if you feed it with powdered milk, it is understandable why you should have bottles in the house.

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