How do we model a pumpkin for Halloween?

How do we model a pumpkin for Halloween?

What do you need

A pumpkin

Choose a pumpkin or melon with a round surface, a pronounced color, without holes or cuts. Although light-colored melons / pumpkins are easier to carve, they do not have a long life. Pick up the pumpkin / watermelon and shake it, if it is hard and you hear a sound it means it's ripe.


You can use both scented candles and normal candles, but be careful: do not leave them lit unattended. The candle you choose to place inside the pumpkin / melon should be checked from time to time to prevent a fire.
There are safer alternatives such as light sticks, made of a tube filled with certain chemicals that light up hours in a row or you can also use Christmas light bulbs.

Carving tools

A knife to cut the lid, a spoon to remove the pumpkin core and a thinner knife for the details of the pumpkin carving.

Preparing and maintaining the pumpkin

Wash the pumpkin with water to remove the dirt and leave it for a few minutes in a bowl of water.
Scrub all surfaces cut with raw oil to prevent drying.
If you allow the space in the refrigerator, put it to cold to prevent decomposition.
You can buy a non-toxic pumpkin preservative to extend the life of the future Halloween pumpkin or you can use a non-toxic plant spray. Be careful, in any case, to let it air after that.

Carving tools

Some experts recommend the use of a special kit, but it is not necessarily necessary. If you have older children, they can help you in the carving process, but it is advisable not to keep sharp tools within reach. Most pumpkin carving tools can be found in the kitchen or garage of each:

  • a kitchen knife with a long, powerful blade to cut the top surface or wider surfaces;
  • a tool to remove the pumpkin core: a tablespoon or a tablespoon of ice cream;
  • a knife with a small blade for details (the eyes, nose or mouth of the Halloween pumpkin);
  • a pile of nails for the cut edges for a beautiful design.

Make sure that the pumpkin is in the desired position once you have removed the core and it is placed on a hard surface! It is an important detail, after you have finished decorating.
To help with this you can also come to this advice: it is preferable to cut the bottom of the pumpkin and remove the seeds through this hollow - a slight inclination of the pumpkin can be corrected if this limb has been removed previously.

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