Take care of your body with products that meet the most demanding standards of dermatological ethics

Take care of your body with products that meet the most demanding standards of dermatological ethics

Uriage Thermal Water makes you benefit from a real cure for trace elements and mineral salts, a source of shine and health for the skin. Its unique properties clearly differentiate it from the other thermal waters with dermatological addressability: the highest content of mineral salts and trace elements of all thermal waters (11g / l), isotonic (a true natural physiological serum), physiological pH. It is applied on the skin in the morning and in the evening, it is allowed to act, without the need of rinsing.

Daily… Washing cream x 200 / 500ml

Washing gel 2 in 1 - cleans and moisturizes, without soap, specially designed for people with sensitive skin, for face, body, scalp (babies, children, adults).

Contains 1/3 nourishing cream, ensuring proper hygiene; it has a well-defined nutritional role. It maintains the integrity of the hydro-lipid film, respects the skin balance perfectly and counteracts the drying effect of the skin produced by hard water. It combines the properties of Uriage Thermal Water with a base of vegetable wash, without soap, with glycerin and with nutmeg extract (restructuring).

No paraben, no soap. Ophthalmological test, does not irritate the eyes.

Apply to skin / hair, foam, then rinse with water.

Recommended price: 36 / 71RON

To ensure the skin shine, vitality, softness and improved regeneration, gently exfoliate your body and face with a true pampering of the senses: Integral scrub x 200ml

Daily care 2 in 1, with Uriage Thermal Water, for face and body, with double action: exfoliating and cleaning.

The exfoliating power is given by the presence of the two types of microspheres, perfectly adapted for the face and body (mechanical action), as well as the presence of the acids of plant origin (alpha-hydroxy acids) with kerato-regulatory role (exfoliating) in a vegetable washing base, soft, which does not attack and does not dry the skin.

Uriage Thermal Water (soothing, moisturizing, anti-radical) along with vitamin E, emollient macrospheres and glycerin, guarantees the efficiency of this product. Pleasant and hypoallergenic scent. No soap. Without parabens.

Apply 1-2 times a week, by gentle massage, then rinse with plenty of water.

Recommended price: 63 RON

For more sensitive areas, Uriage offers you products specially designed to respect their physiology:

For face and eyes: PNM / PNS x micellar cleansing lotion 250ml - maximize the exceptional qualities of the Uriage Thermal Water in a micellar solution, specially designed for perfect cleaning, detoxification and hydration of normal-mixed / normal-dry skin; does not require rinsing and has a high tolerance for sensitive eyes, even for contact lens wearers. Contains pomegranate Azores extract and Shea extract. No parabens, alcohol, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologically tested.

Recommended price: 43 RON

Cleansing milk - specially designed for people with dry, very dry, sensitive skin. It has a fluid and oily texture, pleasantly scented, which quickly removes impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean and hydrated. It combines the properties of Uriage Thermal Water (soothing, moisturizing, film-forming) with a detergent-free cleaning base, with glycerin and blue extract (soothing). Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, it is used for eye, face, lips makeup.

Recommended price: 47RON

For the intimate area: Gyn Phy x 200ml

Intimate hygiene gel, based on an innovative formula: the Glyco-Gyn complex (glyco-esters and glyco-flavonoids extracted from the corner flower) + Uriage Thermal Water. Ensures daily hygiene of the intimate mucosa, even of the most sensitive. Wash without drying, at a physiological pH, which respects the balance of the vaginal flora and the intimate mucosa, without irritating.

Galenica is perfectly adapted and pleasant, with a side-gel, hypoallergenic perfume. It rinses easily. No parabens, no dyes, gynecological tested. It is used 1-2 times a day. External use.

Recommended price: 32 RON

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