4 domestic activities for a dream silhouette

4 domestic activities for a dream silhouette

Does the uploaded program allow you to take care of the figure? If so, find out that you don't need to go to the gym to get rid of the extra kilos: the homework and the surroundings help you lose weight! Discover below what are the most effective activities for a dream figure!

Painting the exterior walls

If you live in the house and you intend to give your home a new look, find out that painting the exterior walls can help you burn, in one hour, about 435 calories! Equally useful will be the arrangement, in stacks, of firewood.

Snow removal in front of the house

During winter, you may discover, in front of the house, snow trojans that prevent you from leaving your home or removing your car from the yard. The only option - to remove the limbs - can sculpt your body: one hour of sustained work helps you to save about 395-408 calories.

During the rest of the season, you can eliminate as many calories if you cut firewood for an hour.


Even if it is not always enjoyable to roast in the kitchen after a busy day, the good news is that cooking can help you eliminate some of the calories accumulated during the day. Thus, the sustained activities, such as the kneading of the dough or the whisk of the white foam, burn between 168 and 348 calories per hour, depending on the effort made.

Thorough cleaning

At least once a week, you find yourself having to clean the tiles and tiles, wash the bath or shower, give the vacuum cleaner, dust off, etc. But thorough cleansing helps you eliminate between 220 and 250 calories in an hour - a good enough reason to put you on the job!

Author: Dana Saporan

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