Preparing the child for kindergarten

Preparing the child for kindergarten

The beginning of kindergarten is an important moment for the child and a decisive step in his education. His preparation for entering kindergarten consists in encouraging and developing skills that will help him both in the new school year and at maturity: co-operation, sociability, ability to obey orders and listen to others.
Before teaching the child to write, read or reckon, you must help him / her adapt and cope with the new environment.

Help him develop his social life

With the passing in kindergarten, your little one will interact with a lot of children of his age. That is why it is important to work on the social ability of the child before the big time comes.
Teach him how to cooperate and collaborate with other children, but also to share toys and things with them. These skills are developed with the help of the child's integration into various games, sports or group courses.

Help him to memorize essential information about him (name, address, phone number)

Before getting in touch with anyone else, your child should be aware of who he is, where he comes from and how he is called. Teach him the basics for identifying him and helping him make it easier to get to know others.
Work together on learning and memorizing your name, age, address and home phone number. Use songs and poems to make them easier to remember.

Help him develop his fine motor skills

Before your little one starts writing he needs a sufficient development of fine motor skills. In order to help him strengthen the muscles of his hands and fingers - involved in the act of writing - put the little boy to do all kinds of simple skills in the house. Among the most effective in this regard are the opening of letters, sorting of dishes, mixing the dough or tying the shoe to the shoes.

Teach him to number and read

Even if your little one is learning a lot about reading, counting and foreign languages, it doesn't hurt to help him get started on this educational journey. You can help the little one discover the world of numbers or reading through daily activities in which he participates. You can ask him to count how many pencils are on the desk, how many windows the house has and you can help him discover the letters and words starting with his name, the puppy or the ones near him.
Surround him with words and letters and help him combine them and read them. Books for young children, with many pictures and words written in very large letters, are useful for fast reading, without overloading the child. In the first phase you read the stories from the books, and then help him discover the mystery and magic of the letters in them alone.

Visit the kindergarten before the start of the new school year

Think of it as a big change for your little one and you shouldn't take the unprepared. It needs a period of adaptation with the location and environment it will be part of for some years from now. A few weeks before going to kindergarten go with him on a walk through the courtyard and halls of the institution and tell him briefly what will happen there.

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