Fair of extracurricular activities, creative workshops and shows before school, at Veranda Mall

Fair of extracurricular activities, creative workshops and shows before school, at Veranda Mall

During the preparations for the new school year, Veranda Mall organizes a series of thematic activities, for all students to return to courses with as much enthusiasm and energy. Between September 2 and 10, the shopping center hosts themed workshops for decorating supplies, a fair of schools with extracurricular activities, but also magic and dance performances.

Thus, during the last two weeks of vacation Veranda Mall prepares the residents of Obor, but also those in the vicinity, for the new year - from the coolest supplies, to a whole range of extracurricular activities, personal and educational development methods for those small.

Extracurricular Activities Fair

This weekend Veranda Mall is hosting the Extracurricular Activities Fair, on September 2 and 3, between 10am and 6pm. Parents, but also the little ones, are waiting for a fair to present schools with extracurricular activities, such as dances, chess, theater courses, aikido, robotics, painting, English and many more. During the two days, the little ones will be able to participate in a series of mini-educational courses or they will be able to play in the specially arranged areas.

The list of schools participating in the fair includes Verita International School, Springfield Education Center, Optima Primary School, ECDL Romania, PUI DE OM Educational Center, Fast Track Kids, Qfeel Theater School, Rembrandt Art School, Pas In Two Sports Club Association, House From Ballet.

Creative workshops

Between September 2 and 10, the mall organizes a series of creative workshops for children, during which the little ones will have the chance to personalize their bag in the coolest and most original way. In these workshops, they will have at their disposal stickers, trolleys for textiles, badges and other accessories that will help them to transform their sketches as they wish, for the new school year. Entries are free and take place on the Facebook page of Veranda Mall, but also in the mall. The activities are dedicated to children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Dance and magic shows

On September 9, from 5:00 pm, Veranda Mall invites students and parents to a famous magic show held by the Teo Magic Show, in the area of ​​the Amphitheater outside the mall. The next day, starting at 5:00 pm, the Contrapunct band will animate the atmosphere with a dance performance, so that all the children have as much fun as possible on their last day of vacation.

At the same time, Veranda Mall supports students and parents in the preparations for the school, the shops having special collections of clothes and supplies for the year 2017-2018 at affordable prices.