Tips for improving the language of the baby

Tips for improving the language of the baby

The baby's language develops much faster if he / she receives a helping hand from the parents. The transition from the articulation of the first sounds to the utterance of words is done gradually and with many encouragement from you. Here are some handy tricks in this regard!

Always respond to the baby's crying

Crying is the first form of baby language. This is an essential part of a child's communication system. When you verbally respond to your child's crying he learns that his needs are being listened to and that the world is a safe place for him.

Describe to him verbally everything you do or do with him

You may do this instinctively when you are a parent. You may have already described in detail how to change your diaper or prepare your food. Don't stop doing this.

Use all kinds of situations and events. For example, if someone enters the door of the room, and he turns or rolls to look in that direction, say "look, dad came! Are you happy that dad came home?". Always encourage him to speak by asking him questions. At one point he will respond to you concretely, even if he already does so, in his own way.

Have as many conversations with him

It initiates all kinds of conversations with babies. You will notice that as you talk to him he will look long at you, wait and gang at some point. Simple interaction between you teaches you the basic structure of a conversation. He will know in time that when someone talks to him, he has to wait his turn. In addition, he knows that as he listens to you, he is heard in turn.

Speak naturally to your little one

The child learns receptive language well before expressive language. This means that he first listens and understands the information he hears long before he speaks. If you raise your child in an environment where there is a lot of talk and communication, then his language will develop by itself, without too much effort. Make sure you communicate and send them correct information. The more words you use correctly, the more the baby will learn to speak properly.

Done his songs whenever you have the opportunity

Music is an essential tool in the education and development of children. This has only benefits in their growth. The development of the language is facilitated by the singing of various songs. Reread his songs whenever you have the opportunity, because this way he will learn words easier. In addition, it encourages him to imitate you in what you say. The first word will appear when you least expect it!

Read her stories

You can start reading stories from the first day of life. There is no age appropriate for this extremely useful habit in its development. Choose special baby cards. In general, they consist of more pictures and less words. Their language should be as simple as possible and use easy terms to help them develop their language. Read to the little boy while showing him pictures. Like music and singing, reading stimulates the child to speak faster and easier.

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