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11 tips to simplify your life at the beginning of the school year

11 tips to simplify your life at the beginning of the school year

The beginning of the school year brings contradictory feelings to the pack, both for children and for parents. Certainly there were many moments this summer in which you had to divide yourself between the deadlines for work and the activities of the child during the vacation. With so much free time during the day, the child has depended even more on you.

Thus, on the threshold of the new school year, you find it easy to think that the little one starts school and you will have a little more time for yourself, home or work. But wait ... one our school it also involves extracurricular activities, fixed hours to take the child or take him to school, various meetings with colleagues, changes that happened at the last moment, and more and more!

Don't let the panic set in and call for some practical tips that will help you confidently move into the new school year:

1. Change your sleep routine before 2 weeks of starting school. The child will thus have time to adapt to the new program and avoid the arousing awakening in the early hours of the morning.

2. Get used to it on your own, for example to dress and tie their laces without help, or to prepare their bag according to the schedule of the next day.

3. Appeals to an organizer with 5 compartments, hang it from the bar of the siphoner and sort out the outfits needed for each school day of the week. Not only will the child be simpler, but you will also get rid of the choice of clothes in the morning, on the run.

4. Communicate with the child and prepare him emotionally for what will happen in the new school year, if he knows what to expect he will react positively to certain changes.

5. Do not leave the shopping on the last hundred meters in order not to become a race against a stopwatch or a chore due to the crowd. Make a list of last year's leftovers to avoid unnecessary expenses. It is a good time to create a connection between you and the child, give him the chance to choose the requisites, clothing or footwear depending on his preferences.

6. Create a "calendar of activities", it will be easier for you to track and plan your time for school and scheduled activities outside of school hours. Put it in sight and involve the whole family in its management.

7. Gather and keep handy, in a single file, all the documents you might need for the child (vaccination card, a copy of the birth certificate, the list with the names and phone numbers of the teachers and colleagues).

8. Organizes the time spent in the kitchen. In order to save time you can arrange the necessary food for the preparation of the school package on a single shelf of the fridge, you can prepare the sandwiches and freeze them for the whole week, you can buy various snacks early and divide them into plastic bags. Make sure you choose foods and according to the child's preferences and purchase early plastic containers suitable for food storage and school package.

9. Because sometimes 24 hours does not seem to be enough for everything we have to do, it is nice to know that we can rely on those around us. Speak openly ask for help from other family members when you feel like you can't do them all, or when you simply overlap more activities.

10. It arranges a special place for the various accessories needed for the school and for extracurricular activities (backpack, musical instruments, sports equipment). This way the child and the other family members will have easier access to them, even in your absence.

11. Supply yourself with post-it solders on the fridge with various data that you do not want to forget (whether it is medical software, meetings with parents, deadlines for returning books to the library).

The preparations made in time for the new school year to run smoothly are like warming the athletes on the edge of the field, before the competition - necessary! Keep calm, be cautious, organize your time as efficiently as possible and you will manage to bypass many unforeseen situations.

Communication is the key that opens many doors, and teamwork can only bring benefits, so if you want to solve them all yourself, sooner or later you will fail. Involve the whole family in school activities, take responsibility for the child and give him the opportunity to participate in decision making, and in the shortest time you will reap the fruits of your good organization.