The child behaves inappropriately at the table. What are you doing?

The child behaves inappropriately at the table. What are you doing?

The etiquette and behavior at the table can pose problems to parents with young children, who have not learned or do not respect the code of good manners.
If your little one already knows how to behave at the table, inappropriate behavior can quickly become a problem when you ignore him, thinking "that's the way kids are."

Find out why

The need for attention can be one of the reasons why your little one is behaving inappropriately at the table. But children can behave inappropriately when you force them to eat something they do not want. They prefer to try new things only when the whole family eats the same thing.
If your little one forgot how to behave at the table, you can remember the correct rules. When you continue to ignore them, it may be time for a punishment.

Punish him with a "time out"

When dealing with a small child, who knows how to behave at the table and yet chooses to be difficult, the best solution may be a "time out", a 5-minute break, in which the little one he must leave the table and think about his behavior.
Attention, the corner is not a solution for all children. When the child wants attention, the corner state can stimulate him to behave even worse when he is allowed to return to the table.
The few minutes also allow you to calm down and make the right decision, especially when your child is so upset that you think about physically punishing him.
The "time out" is especially effective for children under 5 years. At the age of five, you can start using punishments that rewrite their pleasant activities (TV, video games, etc.).
If you have used this technique repeatedly and it has not worked, another suggestion of psychologists is to send the child to his room (without any source of fun) or directly to bed. Few children will repeat the same behavior when they find that they have to take you seriously, at least at the table, if they do not want to stay on an empty stomach.

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