7 activities that keep the child away from the TV

7 activities that keep the child away from the TV

The TV does not bring much benefit to the development of the child. Even if the cold season has entered into rights and nature walks are a little rarer, it does not mean that you have to keep the child in front of the TV. Here are some interesting and creative activities that can successfully take its place!

Books / agendas with stickers

Colored stickers, accessorized with shiny powders and precious stones, but also sticky labels are an attraction for children between 3 and 7 years old.

They love to glue and match various images. Books with stickers, in which the child has to configure landscapes and paintings are interesting and appreciated by the little one.

If you do not have books with this specific, you can do them. Choose a beautiful notebook whose white pages the little one to create all kinds of patterns and combinations.

Fashion presentation with dolls

And your little girl can enter the most important fashion events of the year. Gather more dolls or plush animals and create a fashion night, just theirs.

Encourage her to make all kinds of clothing combinations for your models. It is a suitable activity if your little one is over 2 years old.

If the girl is older, but also talented, you can venture together to create clothes for yourself. It is an exercise in imagination and creativity very good for her.

Treasure hunt

This little game has no way of escaping the preferences of any child. Only the idea itself that somewhere in the house are hidden treasures stimulates him to give all his effort to find the big prize. If you still make some hints that you hide in strategic places, the game will prove even more interesting.

The treasure hunt is even more interesting if it is played in several children. They must be at least 3 years old to be able to find hidden objects.

The house / fortress in the house

You do not have to have a garden or it is summer to give the child fortresses or houses beautifully arranged in the tree or in the yard. These can be done in the house from the block and can become his favorite place where he can retire and cultivate his creativity and talents.

If you have not already purchased such a children's box, you can create it together from cardboard boxes.

Crafts / greetings / home decorations

Even if you do not have the precise skills, your little one loves to venture into practical and creative activities, which require skill and some talent. Let him try such activities that help him develop his imagination.

Choose themes (Halloween, Christmas, Mother's Day, Child's Day, Autumn, Winter, etc.) when appropriate and if not a specific occasion, draw inspiration from the booklets or even think of an idea to make a vase. , a painting, drawing or photo frame specially for his camera.

CDs with stories

Experts argue that storytelling CDs are more appropriate than television programs, which can prove dangerous in its development.

Your little one has the opportunity to listen to fascinating happenings of his favorite heroes, which helps him to develop his creativity, but also his concentration and attention and even to learn life lessons from them.

Karaoke if dance

No child can resist the rhythms that inspire you to dance. The dance and karaoke classes in which the child can have fun while staying at home can be extremely fun for him.

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