When infertility is only in your mind

When infertility is only in your mind

Infertility also seems to be a disease of your mind, not just the body. There are many situations in which there is no medical reason why you, as a couple, cannot conceive a child and yet the pregnancy does not occur. When dealing with fertility diagnosis for unknown or unexplained causes, it is advisable to investigate and treat the psychological causes of the disease!

Emotional or psychological causes of infertility

Infertility is not always a 100% medical problem. Not just the diseases or affections your body suffers from are the inability to conceive a baby.
Obtaining a pregnancy can be made difficult by certain circumstances that have more to do with your psychic. Certain situations - stresses in the couple relationship, problems at work, exposure to long-term stress - can lead to menstrual cycle disorders in women, but may also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction or sperm damage in men. These eventually become causes of infertility.
The daily stress you are both exposed to every day plays an essential role in your life and your health. The reproductive system is controlled by the brain. Therefore, when there is no medical evidence that hinders conception, the doctor will ask you various personal questions about the relationship between you and others, and advise you to try to reduce the stress level before conceiving.
To all these are added the harmful emotional effects (sadness, stress, worry, fear) that the failed attempts to get pregnant draw on you. These can consume you very hard, and fertility treatments can be tiring and devastating for your emotional health.

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Methods to overcome psychological infertility

Usually, when you are diagnosed with infertility due to unknown causes, doctors recommend "walking" to the psychological reasons that could lead to this condition. Some couples do not need the help of a psychotherapist to overcome the problem, but only a few tricks to restore emotional harmony.

Communicating and expressing feelings

Communication can be the solution of solving and treating the emotional causes of infertility. It is best to talk openly with your partner. He must be your confidant, and you must have the power to open up before him.
Unloading your fears and sufferings can help you better understand the reasons why you can't make a baby and overcome them faster. The same is true for your partner.

Break from conception

If you feel overwhelmed by multiple attempts to make a baby and failed therapeutic attempts, it is best to take a break. This can help you recover and recharge your batteries for future tests.
During the break you should avoid thinking about pregnancy and children. Feel good together and enjoy pleasant moments in the couple. Who knows, maybe the pregnancy will make its appearance unexpectedly!

Relaxation techniques

Learning the main relaxation techniques is an opportunity for you to recover emotionally. You can choose sports, breathing techniques, acupuncture sessions, but also other activities or techniques that favor relaxation.

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