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With the 2 year deposit the money of shopping comes out!

With the 2 year deposit the money of shopping comes out!

We, women, always find something to attract our eyes, but the price makes us think twice. It would be nice if you had some money aside that would give you security and a win over it, wouldn't it?

Now you can enjoy both advantages with the 2 year MAXIPLUS BCR deposit! Besides the money you put aside safely, you also have a 14% interest so you can indulge yourself from time to time with a new pair of shoes or a visit to the spa.

The deposit MAXIPLUS BCR offers you favorable conditions and a great flexibility for any amount you want to deposit. It is simple, for a deposit within 2 years, at maturity you receive a 14% interest * on the amount deposited, which can mean a considerable advantage for your plans.

And if you need money urgently, do not worry - you can withdraw them at any time, and even in this situation, you receive an annual interest that varies between 3% and 6%. This interest depends on the period of time that has elapsed since the creation of the deposit until then. And if your deposit has expired, the cash withdrawal fee is 0.

It's very simple: if you deposit a sum of 1,000 lei in the MAXIPLUS BCR deposit, 24 months later, you will earn an additional 140 lei (of which a 16% tax is withheld) for a new pair of shoes or necklace he liked the last road in the mall.

Because there is no minimum amount for the deposit, now everything is much easier. Thus, whenever you can put money aside, without any extra effort!

* Offer valid from 3 to 31 October 2011; for the MAXIPLUS BCR deposit the annual interest rate is 7%.

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