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The freedom of the first moments of childhood is invaluable

The freedom of the first moments of childhood is invaluable

There are countless childhood moments that parents would like to not only photograph, but also keep alive with the passing of years and not forget even a second of their experiences. The first bumps, the first smile, when the baby held his hand for the first time, when he says the first word or when he starts to walk timidly through the house. These are just a few of the memories that parents will not forget, while children are too young to remember over the years.

If when we talk about babies all the parents' attention is directed to each gesture and sound, when the babies grow up a bit and start to explore and learn everything around them by walking the bushel, much of the attention adults are looking at the health and safety of children. Parents are therefore beginning to set up security systems on doors, cabinets and other small "traps" in which the little ones can get hurt and at the same time, they start to worry about how clean certain corners of the house are, on the which babies begin to discover and explore.

Baby's favorite places to play are often places that parents think should keep little ones away. The entrance hall, the bathroom stoneware or the toilet bowl or the kitchen floor are all surfaces where microbes gather quickly and with which the family and especially the babies come into contact daily. The usual cleaning products must therefore be some that not only cleans, but also disinfect, and their choice turns out to be more careful, as chlorine or other harmful substances can irritate the airways and sensitive skin of children.

To allow children to explore, discover and learn at their own pace the world around, try Disinfectant Hygienol, which safely cleans and disinfect all surfaces and objects in the home, as it does not contain chlorine. You can try the product on tiles, tiles, toilet lid, toilet bowl, pot, clamps, keypad, switch, garbage bucket, bathroom faucets, including wood and other delicate surfaces. Igienol eliminates bacteria, viruses and mold, without attacking the surfaces and without the negative effects of chlorine-based disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite).