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How a child with Down Syndrome influences their family life

How a child with Down Syndrome influences their family life

Families who have children diagnosed with Down syndrome are put to great tests, and problems are a frequent part of their lives. Specialists argue that the success of such a child in a harmonious way is in the attitude that parents adopt towards the disease and they believe that it should bring joy, and not regret, within the family.

Down syndrome diagnosis - a bleak perspective

Since finding out that your baby is suffering from Down syndrome, a series of feelings and emotions have overwhelmed you: fear, anxiety, panic, worry, sadness, guilt etc.
With the passing of the news, you have begun to worry and create in your mind a perspective on how the events in your family will unfold. The child needs all the attention, his care involves costs and even complex medical treatments, which require time and energy, all put on your shoulders, parents and with direct influence on the other siblings. You immediately think about the future that awaits your little one and the quality of life he will lead.
Experts say that you should not think so far, but take things gradually and enjoy each day the miracle of your child, and the effort to focus on integrating it into family events and daily life. every day.


The child with Down syndrome - a joy in your family's breast

Things are not quite as gray as you imagine. It is supported by experienced parents, who have raised such children and who know very well what you are going through. They confirm that his care is a challenge and a continuous struggle in which the whole family participates, but that most of the time it is joy and pride.
Neither studies contradict them. It was found that 94% of parents with children with Down syndrome do not have regrets about their growth and care, and almost 10% of them expressed their bad opinions. Most are satisfied with the life they lead and claim that if they had a choice, they would not change anything.
That doesn't mean it's easy for them. But they see beyond their children's illness. They observe the joy, innocence, kindness and power of such a child in the face of illness and are proud to take part in this experience. The challenges are great, the costs the same, but they are happy and happy for the child they grow up with so much love.
Things are even better among the brothers who have been interviewed about their lives with children with Down syndrome. Nearly 94% of them said they felt proud of their brother, and 88% said that the experience of caring and playing with such a child made them better people.
Many of the families with children with Down syndrome work almost normally. They are socially active, play sports, meet and have fun with friends and try to integrate the sick child in the same atmosphere.
Not only can you survive, but you can fully enjoy your little one if you know how to see beyond what the disease has to offer, if you manage to see it as a capable child, who has the power and strength to accomplish much as long as you have trust him and constantly support him.
Specialists argue that these statistics are important and that they should weigh more in the decision of future parents who, following the results of prenatal tests, choose to end the lives of girls who are at increased risk of Down syndrome.

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