Bleeding and pregnancy

Bleeding and pregnancy


- I am 38 years old, I am at the first pregnancy (I have 6 weeks), and this morning I found that I bleed 2-3 drops. The bleeding came exactly 2 months after the last cycle and the gynecologist prescribed me a student. What can it be?


If the bleeding were 8-10 days after fecal sexual contact, one might think that it is the Hartman sign - the bleeding of the nest (when the egg is implanted in the uterus it may cause a reduced bleeding, a few drops). Considering miscarriage).
You need to be aware of the importance of a good collaboration between you and the obstetrician doctor, and report any new episodes of this kind or any other symptoms that appeared during pregnancy, in order to ensure a normal development of the fetus and to prevent unwanted episodes of this kind. Good health!

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