10 years of the Children's Phone

10 years of the Children's Phone

12 million minutes of counseling for children's rights

The problems that children in Romania face vary from:

  • need for communication with parents (72%);

  • sadness and loneliness (38%);

  • affective problems caused by parental divorce (32%);

  • sentimental problems (19%).

The number of child abuse cases registered by the Children's Telephone Association at the number 116 111, made available with Romtelecom, has grown worryingly, from year to year, on average by 98.55% in the last three years.

The Children's Telephone Association and Romtelecom are celebrating this year 10 years of partnership for the defense of children's rights in Romania. Through the 116 111 telephone line made available free of charge by Romtelecom in its network, the Children's Telephone Association fights against the violation of children's rights in Romania and offers counseling and guidance to children and parents alike.

Since 2001, the Association has taken over 1.7 million calls totaling 12,000,000 minutes of counseling. The average call duration was 10-20 minutes. The percentage of 74.50% of the children who return by telephone to 116 111 shows the confidence they have in the specialists of the Association and the real need they serve.

During the 10 years of activity, the statistics of the Children's Telephone Association indicate a much larger number of calls received from counties such as Iasi, Constanta, Bacau, Vaslui, Galati, Teleorman, Bucharest (Sector 5), Ilfov.

At the same time, a higher percentage is related to the calls received from the rural area - 48.72%, while at the urban level the statistics indicate a proportion of 38.31%.

The age groups that most often call for assistance and guidance offered by the counselors of the Children's Telephone Association are 10-12 years - 32.53% and 13-15 years - 34.31%.

The photo with the most children smiles

The Children's Telephone Association has been working with Romtelecom since its inception, the company supporting it financially, offering it the necessary call center infrastructure and the free call line in its network. To celebrate a decade of partnership, the two entities aim to set a record by making the photograph with the most children smiles, symbol of the more than 30,000 cases solved by the Children's Telephone Association together with the authorized authorities.

"We are pleased that we have succeeded in intervening to solve an impressive number of cases, together with the authorized authorities. However, the rate of increase in the number of registered abuse is worrying - we are talking about doubling from year to year - and we cannot get rid of see the cases that did not reach our knowledge, but which we want to get involved in. We have the turn of our beneficiaries - 74.50% of the children who called us come back with new calls to us - which means that the efforts to reach as many cases are more than justified. We thank Romtelecom for the support provided all these years, support without which this service could not exist. We remain here for all children, regardless of the problem they face, "said Catalina Florea, Executive Director of the Children's Telephone Association.

"I have supported this project all these years because it has proven necessary for so many children from all over the country. After 10 years of partnership between Romtelecom and the Children's Telephone Association, the results can only delight us, knowing that we were with children in Romania and that for many of those who called 116 111 life has improved, "says Cristina Popescu, Romtelecom Communication Director.

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