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Advantages of bio products for cleaning the house

Advantages of bio products for cleaning the house

Organic home cleaning products are a safe, efficient and healthy way to take care of your home, especially when you have children. The usual cleaning products can pose a danger to the health and safety of children and family members, both due to the vapors emitting into the air and affecting the airways and their ingestion, following contact with the surfaces and the products cleaned with them. . Under such conditions, organic, organic or organic products have become one of the main measures for children's safety and family health.

They are safer for health

A clean house with organic products, made only from 100% natural ingredients, without synthetic chemicals, is a healthy home for the whole family. Organic ingredients in products reduce the risk of allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions.

Sara Snow, author of the book "Sara Snow's Fresh Living" underlines the importance of organic asthma cleansing products, which she considers to be the most common chronic condition nowadays and one of the main causes of school absenteeism among children. In addition, organic house cleaning products are more "skin friendly".

While industrial products, made from chlorine and other toxic residues, burn, dry and affect the skin and the health of the organs, because they are absorbed through the skin into the body, the bio ones contain a lot of natural compounds that stimulate the health of the epidermal cells and the well-being of the body. Plants used in the manufacture of bio products contain vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that strengthen the body's immune system and protect health.

They are safer for the environment

Aside from the beneficial effects of bio-cleansing products for health, they also bring a lot of benefits in terms of environmental protection. Eco products reduce air, water and nature pollution in general.

It contributes to diminishing the impact on the ozone layer and the effective fight against global warming. Organic products contain natural, biodegradable ingredients, and their packaging and devices are recyclable.

There are fewer antibacterial agents

Chemical antibacterial agents - for example, triclosan - often used in soaps and detergents are extremely dangerous to health, says Snow, as they cause hormonal and thyroid imbalances.

In addition, the American Medical Association also drew attention to the fact that the antibacterial ingredients used in such products can, over time, lead to resistance of the body to antibiotics, essential for the treatment of infections caused by bacteria. Most organic products either do not contain such antibacterial agents, or they are found in very small quantities, almost negligible, in their composition.

Just because they don't have synthetic compounds with antimicrobial effect, doesn't mean that they don't fight bacteria and pathogens efficiently on the surfaces of the home. Organic detergent manufacturers appeal to nature for this purpose. They extract ingredients from plants recognized for their antimicrobial properties and add them to their composition.

It helps you save money

Although the prices of organic products on the market tend to be slightly higher than the industrial ones, there are organic cleaning solutions that you can make at home, from natural ingredients at hand. This way, you save money, clean the house every month, but you also protect the health of the whole family.

Vinegar can be successfully used in cleaning windows, baking soda in carpets, cases and sinks, and lemon juice as a bleach to remove stains. Lavender oil is an effective natural remedy against mold and mildew etc. The specialists claim that, as purchased, their price pays, because they are more efficient than other products and represent a valuable investment in health.

Do you use organic products for cleaning the house? Do you think they are better or better than industrial ones? Tell us what benefits you have noticed after using them in the comment section below!

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