The child got hit in the teeth or broke a tooth. What are you doing?

The child got hit in the teeth or broke a tooth. What are you doing?

A child full of energy, unprincipled and craving for life can often face minor accidents that can be managed by both parents and specialized doctors as needed. If you need to deal with your child's dental accidents, find out how to handle them!

Check to see if there are any other injuries

In the situation in which the little one fell and hit his face, injuring his tooth, check, initially, not to present other potentially dangerous injuries, such as those in the head. In case of emergency, call 112 immediately.

Study her gums

If your teeth have suffered from falling or the blow suffered, it is essential to check their gums, to discover any bleeding. In case you find that it really bleeds, press the affected area with a wet gauze for a few minutes or until the bleeding stops.
Afterwards, ice cream could be a great remedy to reduce any swelling in the gums area and, in addition, has the gift of making the child forget about pain.
During the next few days, make sure that the gums and teeth of the baby are healthy and do not show abnormalities following the injury. If you notice signs of a possible infection - such as fever, swelling or sensitivity to touch - do not hesitate to seek medical help immediately.

Do not ignore the visit to the dentist

Even if the baby seems to recover very well after the accident in the teeth, a dental checkup could detect any invisible problems. If one or more toothpicks have been moved, they may need to be removed or require fixing.
All the dentist could also solve the problem of a broken tooth. Even if the enamel has jumped almost imperceptibly, an early intervention could avoid subsequent problems that are more complex and implicitly more expensive.

How do you do it if your baby loses a tooth

An accident in the face area can also result in the loss of one or more teeth. If the baby loses a temporary tooth, it is not the case that you have problems: in his place, a permanent one will grow. In any case, a visit to the dentist is recommended, as this will determine whether the loss has affected the still undeveloped teeth and whether the future tooth has enough room to grow.
In case the child has lost a permanent tooth, one of the solutions would be cleaning it with a little water and inserting it into the empty space. Then, an emergency visit is required to the dentist, who has the opportunity to fix the fallen tooth. Ideally, the visit will take place within 30 minutes of the accident.
If the doctor manages to fix the tooth, the child will have to be cleaned in the first phase, being offered an easy feeding and, in some cases, even antibiotics. After a few days, the dentist will be able to see if the tooth can be fixed naturally over time or if further interventions are needed.

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