DermaLife, Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic has opened

DermaLife, Aesthetic Dermatology Clinic has opened

MedLife launches DermaLife Center of Excellence in Aesthetic Dermatology, which offers integrated services for skin problems.

The DermaLife Clinic brings together several medical offices, state-of-the-art technology, such as eMax, Perfect Laser, Photo Finder, Velasmooth PRO, CO2 Laser, Radiocauter; fully equipped operating unit that includes stationary for postoperative recovery and doctors with certified expertise under the direct coordination of Dr. Viviana Iordache, the specialist with over 10 years experience in aesthetic dermatology. The center is addressed to those who invest important resources in aesthetic treatments applied with the latest technologies in the field.

"We propose that within the new clinic we offer the full range of dermatology services: from skin disease specific investigations to modern diagnosis and treatment, aesthetic dermatology services, and in the perspective we will also offer cosmetic surgery. These services together with the equipment. modern diagnosis and treatment, state-of-the-art lasers will add value to aesthetic medicine in Romania, "said Dr. Viviana Iordache, dermatologist, coordinator of the DermaLife clinic.

The novelty of the DermaLife clinic is the eMax technology, which represents the complete solution for aesthetic treatments. Available for the first time in Romania, eMax combines laser frequency with high pulsed light, being the most complex in the field of medical lasers with Elos patent. This technology offers a full range of aesthetic applications to successfully treat the widest spectrum of hair colors, skin textures and colors. eMax includes treatment combinations such as: treatment of wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, removal of unwanted hair, treatment of acne, treatment of veins of the feet / vascular lesions.

Part of the eMax program, eMax Triniti is the complete solution for face skin. The application of this technology allows color correction and concentrated dermal remodeling in 3 steps, within a single session. The first step is facial rejuvenation by radiofrequency (treating vascular lesions including telangiectasia, rosacea and angioma symptoms); the second step is to tone the skin and a final step is to treat it without fractional ablation (it penetrates to the deep dermal levels to allow the generation of new collagen, while protecting the epidermis). The final result is a smooth, toned and renewed skin.

Other treatments and procedures offered by DermaLife include: permanent epilation, scars correction treatments, including acne and stretch marks by FDA-approved laser and radiofrequency programs, computerized dermatoscopes, techniques for removing skin lesions by surgical excision, laser treatment, radiotherapy improvement of hair loss and laser treatments for psoriasis, dermatocosmetic procedures for all skin types and all skin problems, hyaluronic acid implants, facial rejuvenation by the "Dracula" technique - therapy that uses centrifuged blood injection, and others.

In addition to the cosmetic treatments available, DermaLife offers complete monitoring and therapies for skin cancers. The program starts with the diagnosis of pigmented nerves, their monitoring, the application in case of need for surgical, laser or other dermatological treatment, until the final correction of any postoperative scars.

Dr. Viviana Iordache

He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 1995 and specialized in dermatology at the Colentina Clinical Hospital. over the years, he worked with other colleagues, dermatologists, nationally recognized, in various clinics with a reputation in Romania where he made his mark as a specialist.

In 2011, he founded DermaLife - Center of Excellence in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine with MedLife, the largest operator in the market for private medical services. He is a founding member and treasurer of the Romanian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgical Dermatology since 2001, a member of the Romanian Society of Dermatology in 1996, a member of the European Dermatology Society in 2003 and a member of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine in 2005. Also, since 2009 is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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