How do you upgrade your child's school wardrobe with little money? Solutions at your fingertips!

How do you upgrade your child's school wardrobe with little money? Solutions at your fingertips!

Going back to school means, besides emotions and new challenges, a new shopping opportunity. Children, no matter how small or large, change their preferences from year to year, if we do not consider that they are in a continuous growth, sometimes leaving us feeling that "they grow in a year as others in 10" . And as they change their preferences and grow, in addition to purchasing supplies and backpacks, it becomes necessary to change the wardrobe, perhaps not entirely, but much of it.

Today, children no longer wear school uniforms. Each educational institution chooses a suitable, classic outfit, imposed on the students. In many schools we already meet the famous vest with the emblem of the school, complete with white shirt and dark trousers / skirt, classic outfits and in non-nude colors.

Here are some ideas on how to fill your child's wardrobe with a small budget:

• The cheapest solution is to be… predictable! During the soldering periods (winter-summer) you can buy at very low prices clothes for the wardrobe of the child. If you buy at the end of the autumn-winter season, the key is to be careful to buy a bigger size, to ensure that they will come in the next season. And look, you buy in January and you use in ... September!

• Do not buy clothes that come to "fix" the child, as much as possible take them a little larger, so that it will take longer. As an idea, usually the English sizes are a little larger than the ones you are used to and there are some shops that sell products of this kind in Romania. As a rule, they can be worn more, having a strap that fits the child for the age inscribed on the label, but which will surely come over the measure.

Where do we buy cheap children's clothes?

If you are open to the idea that the little one should wear clothes that are not new but are in good condition or have the label, but do not buy them from the store, there are several alternatives:

• In recent years the concept of "yard yard" has been perpetuated in Romania and, accidentally or not, you can find quality clothing, at a very low price. It can be so much worn clothes and very well kept, as well as new clothes, forgotten through the closet after they were bought, or that proved not to please the child and so the mother sells them.

• On the internet you can find dedicated groups for moms who buy or sell clothes and other products for children. Depending on your preferences and the available budget, you are looking for and it is impossible not to find something to your taste, which can be tailored to the child's needs.

• In your turn, you can take advantage of the presence of these groups and sell what was left of your child. The money is collected and you can use it to refresh your child's wardrobe before the start of school.

• Do you want to hold your child accountable and make him / her appreciate the value of the money? Have you seen a jacket that you must necessarily have, but the price is a little higher than you would be willing to spend, given that they are so much to buy? Encourage him to turn to the personal kid for part of the amount, in this way, besides the fact that he will be pleased that he obtained what he wanted, he will appreciate the work more knowing that he contributed to his purchase.

• Take advantage of the "Back to school" offers in stores before the beginning of the school year, and purchase at low prices suitable clothing for the school. If you reach the last hundred meters you may not find all the sizes in stock, but the prices will be even lower ... like Christmas trees bought right in the Eve!

Regardless of which option you like above, or if you have made other plans regarding the purchase of school clothes, give your child the opportunity to choose something new. Whether it's a t-shirt, a backpack, a jacket or anything else, being involved in running before school will help you get into the right mood and get you excited about going back to school. If it is a child who first enters the school benches, all the more so!

And do not forget! Off-season shopping and attention to bargains throughout the year will definitely help you dress your child for the next school year. Why buy them all at once, when you can buy a piece of clothing when an opportunity arises that should not be missed?

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